Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dude Neill, I have some important shit to tell you. No man, this is some 'real deal' important shit. Do not Google your District 9 prawns. Like say, maybe you were looking for some prawn reference for something, like for some project you were going to share later. There are some fucked up folks out there.

I mean, to each their own, but a prawn fucking a tiger-man? Or giving a werewolf a blowjob? Well...dude.....some things cannot be unseen. And this shit is in Googles moderate setting. What the crap would appear with the safe search feature turned completely off? Dude, I fucking love District 9, but shit...not that much! To be honest, with all the meaty explosions, finger nail pulling and pig tossing, sex would probably be the last thing I would think about while watching that film.

Despite that, I do thing the 'District 9-incher' dildo is a missed marketing opportunity.

So the above is more of the Alien Prequel goof off stuff. I think I'll shrink down the pretty alien to be slightly larger than the human. Ok, there you go.


Doug "Innocence Lost" Williams


  1. Where's that picture dealie from? Is it an earlier blog post that I don't remember?

    On that note, you should link to your personal site from here, man.

  2. Oh, hey, reading comprehension.

    But, still, man, you should reply to the one guy who comments who's name isn't in the URL.

  3. Hey Ronnoc, sorry man, I've been out of town. Lots of crazy shit going on right now. As for the image, it's from a mini goof off comic I hope to finish one day.

  4. Whoa dude. I know you wanna get with Neill and all... but I hope Sir Scott talks to you about the alien prequel first. (and honestly Ridley Scott>>>Neil Blomkamp) Your Jockeys are GODLIKE. And here I thought I was the only one doing jockey fan art.

    Dude I gotta ask, you got any tutorials for aspiring concept artists?

    What kinda brushes do you use?

    Any textures?

    Did I mention your awesome? And can I be your slave if it means I can watch you work?