Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dickin' Around

Man-o-man, Neill. Been pretty great lately. Like really fucking great. Crazy busy, but good stuff. I've worked on a couple side projects that are coming out soon, PAX went off without a hitch, my first tests with silicone are coming out great, my latex bug arm is working well, and I helped my daughter finish her Pinewood Derby car.

I'll give a more detailed write up latez. Hope shit is well, man.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Google. What happened? You used to be so...steady. New, exciting, trustworthy. I mean it's a free service, so I feel bad complaining, but trying to make me start a new blogger profile when I'm just trying to sign in to my blog...that I've had...for years (which is sad in it's own right). Weirdness. Hopefully by the end of this post I'll be able to add a post title, since right now you've decided I can't.

Anywho, NEILL! What's up? Been pretty dark lately. No news 'bout nothing.

Well, I got some, I'm finally trying to make my movie...s again.  Hopefully for more than a few days this time. Anyway, one of the two flicks I want to make has this weird thing in it. I was looking for pig ref and came across some of Jenny Saville's images. I forget sometimes how much I love her work. So gawddamned good.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get something together soon to show people.

Sorry, for the shitty, boring post. Been crazy lately.