Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy South African Heritage Day!

Yo Neill, so today I was talking to this lady who runs a toy store down here and she was telling us it's SA heritage day, but online it looked like it was yesterday. Anyway, she was fun and kicked ass, so I'll just say it's today.

I was hoping to put a prawn all drawn up in South African flag colors (or colours), but I just got home. Outdoor movies night for a bunch of preschool kids. Good fun. Kids are insane, or adults are. Anyway, that's why there's a quick post, and a basic flag.

Hope you had a decent braai today.


Friday, September 24, 2010

My Day Job

So Neill dude, I think you know this blog doesn't exactly pay the So that's why I work as a growns up pro job, drawring zambies. Eventually more and more work will be released on the Undead Labs site, so if you can't get your Doug fix here, go there.

So how are things Neill? Hoping good. I recently watched District 9 on my iPod Nano on my bus ride home. That fucking film still rocks, even at like 1 inch by 2 inches. I can't wait to see what you do next dude, even though I was secretly hoping that it the 'next' would be you coming down to Portland....but alas. Seriously, Kennedy School is a fucking awesome hotel.

Alright man, peace out mother fucker, hope all is well with you and yours.


Sunday, September 19, 2010


OK! OK! OK! I've been half-assing it. Holy hell that vampire is awful. Is that fucking Charlie Brown? It has a Charlie Brown vibe to it. Dude, Neill, have fucking pity on me; I'm so sorry. It's a new job, and lots of other shit. I mean, I gots to be all grown up now. Lots of shit riding on my shoulders.

So, how are things going with you? Hopefully fucking rocking it. I bet you are, I bet you are. So shit dude, this Guillermo venue is waaaaaaaaayyyyyy fucking bigger than I thought it was. I'm sort of doubting I can get that book to him, unless I literally threw it at him. I mean it was a joke before, but now.....yyyyeah. I might be selling a barely used Doug Williams art book with a preface directly acknowledging Guillermo del Toro. Still waiting to hear if you're coming along. It'll be fucking fun.

So here's another quick piece of art, but it's better than that fucking Charlie Brownacula from the last post. It didn't have that red eye thingy until the last minute, after thinking about this image: click me buttnuggets.

So there you go. Also, I have some art on this site, and more coming this week. So check that shit out. Seriously, I have children. Undead Labs.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dude, seriously, are you coming to Portland with us? I really need to know. I can drive...from here. I'm guessing no, since you probably have Guillermo over for dinner and talk shop and shit. Plus, you're making your big sci-fi movie....which you might be not making in a second.

Dude, have you heard of this Twilight shit? I mean I hardly know anything about it, but fuck it's huge! Not only that, it's huge with chicks, and here's the's about fucking vampires and werewolves. Dude, holy nerdgasm! Vampires and werewolves AND chicks dig it? I mean all that fucking blood and shit AND the chicks still dig? I mean the damned eternal struggle between the werewolf and vampire, I bet they rip each other to shreds!!! So, effing gore and supernatural shit and the ladies love it; count me in muther fucker!

So, you need to hit while the iron's hot my friend, you can't coast on your good looks forever. I'm proposing a movie with vampires. I mean, you know, your take on them. maybe they're robot vampires, and want our oil. Maybe they're just space vampires, from Vampirenus. Shit, I don't know.

Well that's it dude, I'm fucking going to bed. I mean, I like the night, but now that I get up at five in the morning. So in order to sparkle in the daylight I need to get to bed earlier.

Count Dougscula

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still your blog.

Dude, I swear. You're the real deal Neill. This blog is totally yours. That's why the sci fi art is at the top and the Lovecraft quick shit is at the bottom. I'm just sort of jazzed about this Guillermo thing on Sept 29th.

Still have not heard if you want to come with; let me know soon. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure you're busy making a movie and all, but shit, I used to make movies in like 6th grade, so it can't be that fucking hard. Right?

So anyway, I also made this quick little book to give to GDT (That's Guillermo del Toro, but written all T2 style).

Do you think he'll like it? I mean, the story sucks (because it doesn't exist and all), but it has a bunch of art. It was easy as shit to make! Dude, fucking Blurb is amazing. You could make a book while letting loose a gnarly burrito on the shitter. That's the fucking future man, and we're living it!!!

Oh, I watched the last half of District 9 on my new TV the other day. GODDAMN YOU MAKE A GOOD MOVIE! Seriously, it's way better than the shit I made in 6th grade. Although my flick had a guy in a snorkel, and I played two parts (like that chick in The Parent Trap). Still, yours was better, and I had to let you know how damned good it was...again.

Oh, your art, a slummy future city. Going back to my roots....mainly because this was an old piece I never finished. I been busy holmes, but don't worry, it's still your blog.

Alright to bed for me. Catching the bus at five.

Guillermo Doug Toro

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Back!!! Sort....of....

Holy fugtastic long time no post. Great googly moogly. Well, some shit has been going down. So...Neill, where to start. Well, lets see, I quit my job, my little girl stated first grade, I went to LaPush for a few days, hung out with and saw my little brother off to China (he's back), started my job (I ride a fucking bus, how cool is that shit!), saw a few Sounders games, went out for my 9 year anniversary at Teatro Zizani and have been doing some freelance work. There was more, doesn't matter anymore...because I'm here now.

So, the bad news. I'm now the Visual Art Director at Undead Labs. It pretty much means that all I think about now is the game, but can't show any of the work. I bet you get that shit, being in film in all. So I'll bang out some work on here as much as I can, but the lunchtime images will be scarce, because the food in Pioneer Square fucking rocks. No I'm serious. I had jello shots for lunch on Friday. I fucking love it.

So here's a unfinished Lovecraftian horror. One of the Elder thingamajigs from The Mountains of Madness. I figured I should do some of that shit, for when I meet Del Toro in Portland on September 29th. What? A giant hall? DAMMIT! I made a fucking book for him, he better get it! Oh shit, dude, you should come down. I have tickets 1 through 4. IT IS NOT PATHETIC! Portland's a cool ass town man.

Well at any rate, everything is pretty much fucking rocking right now.