Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Neill...dude. You know the worst part of sketching/art creation? It's when something is working in the beginning, and you go, "OOOhhh, this is going to be rad!" But then, at the end, it all fucking falls apart. It's like building the Eiffel Tower, and with the last few bolts it collapses. That's sort of this guy here. he's just kind of dumb. Fuck it though, it's a sketch and there's some ok bits in there.

It's weird how I've been using that soft PS brush lately. I hated that brush for so long, but it's not such a bad brush. It's like a hobo that you keep chained in the basement. At first it's ugly and gross, but you hit it with the hose and pretty soon it's not so awful. Soon you have that hobo planting things in your garden, giving you foot rubs while you watch Jimmy Kimmel and helping you catch other hobo's, and you're like "hey, this is a pretty good hobo."

I've never done that...I don't even know if we still have hobo's.

At any rate...another sketch. The blog is back up and running.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Worky work

Neill. Sup dude? Crazy days here. Almost done with this thing. Almost. Not the picture, the game I've been working on. I took it home played it this last weekend. It's fucking awesome. It's really come together. This guy didn't make it into the game like this, but I always liked the image. So fuck it, I'm posting it. I'm the art director! Lookit mah' swagger!

Check out this vid of the game in action. It's pretty fun, right? Fuck yeah it is. It's even better to play. Of course, I'm biased, but our game feels unique. Base building, action, stealth, vehicles; fuck yeah.
I built a garden the other night. A muther fucking garden. With pumpkins! Why pumpkins? Becuase they're big, round and orange; and I'm the muther fucking art director!

Any way, this thing is fucking massive for an XBLA game. Fucking massive. It'll be on PC too, but still. Our team is under thirty people, and that's everyone. We have less people than most games have animators. Nuts, dude. Nuts.

Anyway, hope you like. If you ever want to talk vibeo bames, I'm your man.

OH! I played a fun and freaky game this weekend for the iPad called Slender Rising. Pretty slick for a small game, seriously freaky. Especially if you imagine that tall fucker Slender as Copley. Then it's even scarier! I'd be a better best friend, Neill, I'd be better!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Things I suck at; part 1.

Dude...Neill. I have a confession. I love spaceships. But I suck at drawing spaceships. At least spaceships that look cool. I have no idea why. Same with Civil War drawings/paintings.

I had a job recently that was all Civil War meets...something. Dude, I had such a hard time with it. I mean, I wouldn't have froze if it was an army of aliens, or knights, or nude Kelly Brooks that had been wrestling in oil. No problems, I'd dive right in. But spaceships? Civil War? I freak the fuck out.

So, I'm making it my goal to draw better spaceships. Or ships from R-Type. Hopefully both. Expect more spaceships. Here's some sketches.

Fuck Civil War pictures. I ain't doing that shit.


Super Turbo Elysium!

Neill, do you like games? What about video games?

Here's my  awful twenty minute mock up for the character selection screen for a downloadable Street Fighter-ish Elysium fighting game! It would have to be all sprite based.

I would so play the shit out of this game.


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Dude, Neill, what up man? Fuck dude, so sorry for the lack of updates. I know it's a constant phrase on this blog, but I've been cwazy busy. Super fun projects, but crazy busy.

So I'm going to try for at least two updates a week. Two mini pieces of art a week. They don't need to be finished. Just quick shit. Like this guy. My re-imagined Galaga bug. One of those things I loved about early arcade games is that the graphics were so ancient, you really had to use you imagination.

So the above is supposed to be this guy.

I'd say I'm prrrreeeeettttyyy close.

In other news; holy fuck dude. Elysium looks amazing. Remember all those jokes about mean Matt Damon beating up Copley? I take them all back.

This movie is going to fucking rock. My guess is this is just what Sharlto looks like now, no makeup. Hard life of strippers, highballs, goats and cocaine.

Actually, I'm just joking. Sharlto, please don't beat me up.


Tremblingly yours;