Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Skids on the squid.

Dude, another quick one. Wild times. Old sketch I found. Not sure why I abandoned this one. It seems like one I would have finished.

Skinny long limbs; check.

Bumpy detailed skin; check.

Squidish alien body; check.

Anatomy hidden in tendrils; check.

Not sure what happened. Maybe I'll start on it again. AHHAHAHHAH, no not really. Goodbye squid dude, you coulda' been great.

Doug 'never finishes anything lately' Williams

Monday, January 27, 2014

Debt Gnome

Dude, Neill, did I ever post this? I feel like I did, but don't remember.

It's a debt gnome. I figure everything needs a gnome, and since there's so much debt out there, why not have it's own gnome?!? It's not done; a hlaf baked picture, for a half baked idea. I did use real paint though!

How's shit been? How's Chappie?

Short one today. Shit be busy.


Thursday, January 23, 2014


Neill, sup dog? Here's another oldy, but goody. It's a quick Zbrush sculpt. I think this was my third sculpt. Man, for a bit there I was really starting to grow, but then I just dropped off and crawled into a hole or mediocrity.

The thing is, I need to grow. I need to mess with programs like I used to, because I would suck at being homeless. I really like showers, and hot food that's not from a garbage can.
First world problems; amiright?

Douglas 'sir can I have another' Williams

Well, back to my hole.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Little Alien

Dude, Neill, I'm still sort of shitting about the fact you got to meet Ripley. Fucking RIPLEY!

So in honor of that I drew a cute lil' Alien pic. I feel like I've seen an illustration like this before, not by me. Maybe I was Incepted. Maybe I'm just a hack, either way, sorry if I'm ripping someone off.

Sigourney Weaver is so fucking amazing.

Doug "isfuckingjellybeansjealous" Williams

Monday, January 20, 2014

Chappie has wrapped!

Dude, holy shit, so you've wrapped? That's like a week or two for editing and effects and it's out, right? I can't fucking wait. Holy shitballs of fire. I can't wait.

Well, just a big fucking congrats, dude. I'll make a more normal PLAMNB post tomorrow.

I have a plan to get you to notice me, maybe a few post dedicated to Sharlto. How you like them apples; is something Matt Damon says.


Friday, January 17, 2014


Neill, how shit be man? Busy here, but some exciting cool fun busy. I'm not sure if I can keep up my current pace, but I'll try. So here's a super quick summer piece! In the slums of the future! SLUMMERTIME!

All the kids love slummertime! It's when the united combine dumps it's yearly orga-waste from it's oppulent living towers. Ah the sweet smells of aristocratic waste, blending with the sweltering heat. Slummertime, it's their favorite time!


Doulglus McWillimses

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The neverending storieeeeeee...

Stiiiilllll slowly picking away at this. part of it is the lack of time. Still an hour a night is better than nothing.It's still off, but I did a gut check and it's not as bad as I thought. here's a quick photo manip I did to see how far off I am.

So it's not horrible I guess, and still a ways from being done. Maybe I can pull it out of the gutter. Man, being able to test this shit is so amazing. Imagine if Michelangelo had Photoshop. He'd fucking hate it.

So dude, this whole art thing might seem crazy, but you have to admit; Sharlto would never do anything like this for you. That's something only best friends do. Secret best friends.

Plus, my guess is that Copley would just continuously crush pencils like toothpicks in his gigantic paddle-like hands. It's probably why he went into acting. The world his just too small for his freakish gigantic size.

Dorg Willsharms

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Neill, dude, I made a new sketch for this blog. Not a found one; a brand new one. Minutes spent on it, but I sort of dig. I might finish it.

I like picturing these big dead necro-slave giants firing away a massive rail gun (it's like firing away a nuclear reactor core-the whole fucking thing-and a bunch of them) while smaller little elf soldiers march in below. Oh, yeah, this is a fantasy picture. What do you mean it doesn't look fantasy? Because it looks sci-fi? Well it sort of is. But it's rooted in fantasy ideas. Here's my deal with fantasy; fuck all the rules. It's fantasy.

I worked on a real cool fantasy game that breaks a lot of the rules, but I still remember the meeting where I showed concepts for dwarves that lived in trees. Like bad ass Ewoks. You would have thought I had said something along the lines of 'Episode II is the best Star Wars film evah' because the shit storm that followed was shocking. My lesson, dwarves live in the ground and mine gems. I said,"Like in Snow White?" which is also wrong. It's like in Tolkien and D&D. Rules, canon; fuck all dat'.

So these are giants, killed and re-purposed through magic and tech to be massive lumbering rotting heavy geared slaves. you could do some really fucking cool battle shots. The factory where they build them would be rad too. Lots of cables and a giant rotting corpse being painted up with ancient elfish symbols.

Anyway, hope shit is cool! I saw Die Antwoord announced that they finished filming on Chappie, so the movie should be out next week, right? Maybe two weeks. I know editing can be hard.

Stay in school!

Douglindor Granthunburgh Williamseth III

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not a crone...

Quick sketch. I named it 'crone' then gave it a beard. So...it's a dude now...I guess. but that's how shit goes, right Neill? You got to be able to roll with it. Change shit up on the fly. Find new directions to make things work.

Oh, and I did some more work on your portrait, just a teensy bit. It's coming along, but I think my next traditional piece will be better. Weird how much you can forget.

Dude, so I'm dying to know more about Chappie. Is it still called Chappie? The cast has me excited AND perplexed. I keep thinking, "Sigourney Weaver is in a movie with Die Antwoord." Dude, that could be the tagline for the movie. That shit is ballz crazy. Anyways, can't wait!

Douglas Weaver

Monday, January 13, 2014

We all want to be Bladerunner

Neill. Sup dood. So here's a quick piece I did for a corporate job. It was a backdrop on a big projected screen. Refinery sunsets are sort of my go to for quick art. they look way detail, but can be done in minutes. I had like eight of these to do in a short time, which is why my children eat. I'm not the best, but I am fast. That applies to...many things.

Plus, I've been drawing refineries since I was a kid. I saw Bladerunner way before I probably should have. It's stuck with me ever since. That opening, with the eye. Fuck. That was the best beginning ever. The soft atmospheric music, punctuated with booms. It was like saying, "Hey fucker, this shit is going to be important. Watch it."

Anyway, so shit dude. Chappie, I can not fucking wait for. I re-watched Elysium again the other day. I'm constantly noticing new little details. I love that flick, and it gets me all juiced up for Chappie. I love that Hugh Jackman is based on me. We have the same physic and hair; and award winning smile.



Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baby steps...

Ugh. I guess it a little better; still looks nothing like you. I'll probably fix it in post. That's what you guys say right? It's fun to do though, the next piece should be better. I think I'll do the District 9 one.

Believe it or not, I think I fucked up my back working on this. I think it's from sitting in a wood chair in the kitchen. It's shooting pain in my lower lower back and into my balls. I can feel it all the way down to my foot.

That's how out of shape I am.


Dugglebort Willshimsham

Friday, January 10, 2014

Organic helmet

Neill, I found this helmet sketch from a million years ago. I went through a big Takayuki Takeya phase. Actually, that's never a phase; more like a constant. So I wanted to make this organic mech suited warrior, like a halo marine, but all living material. Like cyberpunk meets...meat. Cybroganic. Fuck...I should trademark that. CYBROGANIC (tm).

As for your picture...well hopefully it will get better this weekend, because..Lord...I'm almost to the starting over point. Almost. It's fucking garbage.


Thursday, January 9, 2014


Neill, hermagerhd! This likeness thing, what the fuck was I thinking? It's horrible, but I feel like I have to try and finish it. Why did I do this? I did this to me. This isn't some shitty corporate art job that pays well but I'm now regretting; I'm doing this to me. ME!

So while I fix that shit, here's another found random digital sketch. It's like the cutest killer warbot. Like if Totoro and Maschinen Krieger had a baby. I don't know why I abandoned this guy. Probably time.

Anyway, back to the frustratingly awful render of you. Good gravy it's off.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Something I suck at: Likenesses

So...I started. Man, I suck at likenesses. So...don't be offended if it looks nothing like you. Because it won't. I went with Nobody's suggestion and went for the middle right thumbnail.

I think this shit will end up being cool, but it won't really look like you. More like if someone glanced at you and then gave a verbal description to a chimpanzee with a pencil. A gestalt of you, a faded memory; trapped in time.

My New Years resolutions is to exercise more and do more art. Personal fun art, and more traditional shit. Pens and pencils. Maybe some paint.  Also to update my blogs a bit more, and start a Tumblr. Because all the cool kids do Tumblr.

More tomorrow, hopefully.

Rusty Doug

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This post is sketchy....

Sup! So dude, I figured some shit out. I have tons of unfinished sketchy bullshoot work. Why not post that stuff? AmIright? Fuck yeah! SO expect some of that in the next few days.

So my first found sketchy piece; thumbnails for actual Neill Blomkamp fan art. Like of you. Like your likeness. Is that creepy? It feels a little creepy. Like a blog is one thing, but drawing the dude the blog is for, seems like a step too far. I plan on inking this shit with my blood. Actually...maybe not. That would be too far.

I still want to do it, not the blood shit, but the art. I'm suddenly thinking of a Neill Blomkamp series of pieces. Because I have no time for a big series, but you have like two full fledged movies out right now. Fuck, I can do that! A piece with you, a piece for District 9 and one for Elysium? Truck yeah!

I'm going to do them traditionally, at least in the beginning. Then scan them in and color them in Photoshop. Dude, this shit will be rad. You can hang em' in your bathroom!

Shit will be rad!

Douglas Artypants