Friday, February 25, 2011

Balls on head

Neill, wouldn't it suck to have your balls on your head? Just imagine. Hitting your head on the door; crumple to ground. Basketball lands on your head; crumple to ground. Thinking; crumple to ground. Rubbing your stomach and patting your head; crump...actually, that wouldn't be so bad. Wind would probably rock, unless it was cold; then your brain would get smooshed.

Deep thoughts inspired by this alien sketch, that looks like he's got a tight scrotum for a head.

Doug "feelin' the breeze" Williams

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

Dude, how goes it Neill? Hopefully good. You know what's funny? I used to be anti-digital art. I guess not anti, but I definitely thought it could never compete with traditional. I always thought it would be stiff and DOA. Of course this is way back in the late 90's. I think you were like 5 then or something. Anywho, so all my concepts were either pen, pencil, or marker. Like all of them. Then one day it all changed. One man made me grab my Wacom tablet and cry to the sky "ME TOO!" Who was this amazing man?

Craig Mullins

Good gravy the man is good. Since then I've seen tons of artist who wrangle more life out of their digital pieces than any of those old dead masters. Ok, so that was sort of dickish, but they are on par with those old dead guys.

So that leads to the above piece. I love testing and making new brushes. I love when flipping and twisting said brushes take the shape of a skull. I love turning what was basically a digital rag into a finished piece, or semi-finished piece.

I was heavily influenced by Nausicaa as a child. It was called Warriors of the Wind over here. I still love quiet scenes of characters walking around giant dead things. My fav scene from Star Wars as a kid was C-3PO walking past that huge skeleton in the desert. Ok, that's a lie; it's totally the last battle, or the cantina. Hammerhead is the shit.

You know if Lucas had gone for a Dinner with Andre film, and had Admiral Ackbar and Hammerhead talking to each other at a table while doing shots; I would have been happier with the prequels.

Well dude, hope shit with you is good, I honestly mean that.


WAIT! One more thing; there's a reason why Han should shoot first. He's a scoundrel. He's in it for the money, and that's it. So when he shows up at the fucking Death Star and saves Luke's shit, it's Gawddamned great. You cheer! Why? Because his character shows growth. It's on the same level of Luke's hero's journey, and it is all born out of the scene where he shoots FUCKING FIRST; THUS MAKING HIS APPEARANCE AT THE DEATH STAR MEANINGFUL!!


Ahem. Food for thought.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Story telling

Neill, so dude, this is a changing point in my life. Time to start creating my own shit rather than constantly follow. I have a few things I've been meaning to start for years. By 'a few' I mean at least thirty. Some small, some bigger; but it's time. Time to start.

I love telling stories. I fucking love it. I have all these movies in my head. I put on music (usually soundtracks) and plot out entire films. I see the whole movie from beginning to end. The above image is work related, but made the same way. I was listening to James Horner's Aliens soundtrack (one of the best soundtracks ever) and pictured a scene with these two guys trying to see if they can start that old car. Unfortunately it trigger's the alarm which attracts zombies.

Nearly every image I make is based on some scene in my head.

Now, totally feel free to throw work my way. I'd love to do it. I'm attracted to talent and creativity, and you have that in fucking spades. SPADES! I'm just saying it's time to take this shit by the reigns. Make my mark. Because you never know when your time is up. Sometimes those lessons are taught to you in really shitty ways, and sometimes in really sad ways.


PS Copley, we're still good, right? Kevin James was an awful idea.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Missionary position

Real deal Neill; what's up man. Hope all is well. I had a pretty fan-fucking-tastic week, so things are good here.

So this was a quick wind down image, hence the black robe. I used to have an idea I liked for a comic project that centered around a group of alien missionaries on some human colonized planet. It was sort of the wild west meets Blade Runner meets The Mission. In the end the missionaries are not only there to help bring humans to the lord, but they also are trying to stave off an attack, by the aliens bosses. It's a little complicated.

Actually it's not complicated, I just don't feel like typing it all out.

I thought the idea of us teaching aliens about some religion (I wasn't sure which to go with) and then hundreds of years later, they have adopted it, and are trying to teach us what we had originally taught them. I don't know, something there.

I guess throw it on the fucking pile of Doug idea's that never go anywhere.

Although, I have a cool idea for that other thing I'm kind of working out in my head. A book with like thirteen or twenty illustrations, and little blurbs in the page corners about the music that inspired the scene. Self publish. What do you think? What about the rest of you lurkers? Feel free to post. I know you're watching....I know. Don't worry Neill, they're good kids.

Any way man, hope shit is good. Drink a beer for me, and have a good one.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two in one day

Holy hand grenades Neill! two posts in one day? What the eff! That's right, nearly a free man. More art, coming down the pike. Is that right? Pike? Why a fish? huh. Weird.

Anyway, this is on top of an ooooooooold sketch I found in a hidden folder the other night. I quickly painted it up, like maybe twenty minutes. So, way back in like 2005 I saw this short called Alive in Joburg. It was by this guy who made another flick called Tetra Vall. Any way, I was so impressed I wanted to draw my version of those sunglasses wearing squid face alien freeloaders. I think I even sent one off to the company that had it in their show-reel.

Anyway, blast from the past.

Have a good one dude. Hey, ask Copley if we're still cool. Tell him the Kevin James thing was a joke or something.


Doug Williams 2005 version

Piggy Ideas

Quick sketch of possible pig-like heads. Just dicking around.

So Neill, I think I offended your boy.

Sharlto and I were trucking along on the movie, and then I accidentally mentioned maybe having Kevin James in there for comic relief. Not the funny version of Kevin James, the Mall Cop version. Then, poof. He disappears. I suppose we played out the flick. It already has everything....literally.

Maybe he realized the massive under taking the film was going to be, and got cold feet. I don't blame him, the scale of this feature; wow. I think we would have paid for it up front, tons of product placement, but still; it would have been daunting to move forward.

At any rate, I should not have mentioned Kevin James. You know how Sharlto is, he's got a bit of a temper, and hates to share the marquee. It was foolish of me. Kicking myself in the arse. And so, just like that, Sharlto Copley disappeared like the man sized pixie he is. Back to Neverland...or South Africa, or wherever he comes from. Land of the giants? For me; our time together is a memory, one I will treasure forever.

Douglo Williamsopley.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The darkening

Neillios, bud; how goes it, meng? So, continuing on with my idea. That's the factory there. Working shit out in my head.

My big issue right now is monitor crap. It's dark on my Cintique, and super light on my laptop. So I darkened it on my lappy, but now is it too fucking dark? Ugh.

Anyway man, dude, I totally get why you hang with Copely. He's brilliant! Man, the movie that he and I are coming up with is amazing. No offense, but it's going to make any other movie look like a handy cam student project. Theaters will literally explode from the awesomeness. Movie projector 'click'--BOOOOM!!!

I can't give anything away, but let's just say that there's a special cameo by a certain woodland creature with sharp claws. But he's a man. Wait; I fucked that up. Anyway, it's going to be great. Snikt.

So, I asked who should direct, and I'm waiting to hear back from him, but maybe you'd be game? I mean if he passes on it? I imagine he'll be doing to much coke and strippers to want to bother with directing. I don't know though, maybe he can swing by the big and tall shop and put on some grown up clothes. He'd be good at it. Just lacks confidence.

So anyway, I hope he'll let me show the quick poster mock up soon. You're going to love it.

McDougle Williamson

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Uncle Pappy

Quick idea, not final.

Dude. I'm starting to digg this dumb little idea I had.

Neill this shit is snowballing, and to the point that I'm not sure I want to share it with the masses just yet. Not because i don't like the masses, but I figure I might want to release it in book form, or comic, film? Shit I don't know. What I do know is that it's solidyfing in me brain nicely. The whole story structure is mostly worked out. It's a little rough, but shit, fairly complete. Usually I have scenes in my head, but the story falls apart when I try to connect them.


Anyway, I'm in my final stages of my big super secret freelance gig. I'm super excited by it. Once that's done, I have a few other quick things to work on, and then I'm going to tackle this project. I'll post images and ideas for it, but just won't hand out the whole story yet. We'll see where it goes.

I will say; the main character has six nipples.

So does Matt Damon.


PS Copley; this doesn't negate the flick we're putting together. It's just different. A completely new story. Fewer vampires and Bieber, but just as much awesomeness.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Class 3 Announced

So...A bit of a plug. It's cool though, because I'm pretty proud of what I'm working on. Here's some linkage: 1up IGN Joystiq 1 Joystiq 2 Eurogamer Massively Destructoid and of course, multiple articles on our homepage; Undead labs. You can find the story other places too, but those are some of them.

I'm super excited for this.

So there's my plug.



Sup Neill-dog? Hope things are going well on the flick, it sure sounds like they are.

Sorry for the lack of new shit on here. between the new gig and my super secret freelance, there isn't much time. Soon though, soon.

So anyway, I was uploading that freelance work onto my site last night (for back up reasons) and had some down time to make some quick art. Now, I get up at five in the morning, so starting a piece at midnight means that I have a half an hour at most to finish a pic. So I started this quick image as sort of a joke piece. Originally it was going to be this mutant guy with a Charlie Chaplin mustache (sort of like the creature in your Wired video), but I kept fucking up the face, so I covered it in that weird mask thing.

Then this story started forming in my head. I was listening to Jack Parow's Ek Wens Jy Was Myne and envisioning these scenes in my head. It opened with this video/ad/commercial of people having fun, hooked up to some machine by green wires attached to their heads. Lots of white, like a happy Wii commercial that ran into a United Colors of Bennington ad. Then when the song changes it cuts to the previously mentioned rich mutant fucker riding in his six wheeled limo. There's his driver paying bribes at checkpoints and poverty surrounding him. In the background massive ships are rising and lowering at some distant shipyard.

the camera follows the mutant guy as he walks into this massive factory. Inside are men, women and children working frantically building the happy head hookup machine from the earlier mentioned ad. So you can piece together that this guy runs the factory that is contracted out to build the machine that was in the ad. Basically like how those factories in China build Wii's, computers and Apple products at low costs and shitty working conditions, but sci-fi'd out to make them even shittier.

From there. I wasn't sure where the story would go. One idea had 'Chappie' the mutant boss trying to perpetuate a war, so he could continue getting cheap materials to make the green wired happy fun machine at a low cost. Got to keep cost low; right? Sort of pulling from the current situation in the Congo. Of course, Chappie isn't all bad. You'd see him rise from test tube and meat slaughter house (he was bread to be the meat for a McRib like sandwich), striving to be more than he was meant for, and rising to the top. Becoming a factory owner and shrewd business man.

Ultimately, his quest for lower profits and quick cash basically turns him into the meat processing plant owner he escaped years before. Uncaring, cold and calculated, justifying his actions with a 'That's business' message. Meanwhile, nobody else cares what happens at the factories, as long as they can jack in and live in a false fantasy land. Somewhere there would probably be a kid, one of the factory workers, who would end up being the center piece of the story or something.

Shit I don't know. I looked at the clock and it was twelve twenty three and my files had uploaded. So off to bed I went.

But then my little girl woke up and was hungry (she had a fever earlier in the evening and had fallen asleep/missed dinner), so we went out into the kitchen and ate yogurt until one thirty. To be honest, we had a great time.

Then I got up at five.


Dougelton Williamson the III