Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm back, back again...

Dude, Neill. How is shit? I's so fucking lame. So lame. I need to be posting more shit on here. I'm so fucking excited for Chappie. I see the shit Yolandi and Ninja post on Facebook, and I can't fucking wait. The part that blows me away is Sigourney Weaver. You got fucking Ripley. RIPLEY!

I was teased relentlessly in middle school when I listed her as my favorite movie hero. Everyone else was all about Arnold. Me? A tough call between Peter Weller and Sigourney Weaver, but she won out. Dude, is she as gorgeous in person? I swear she gets hotter with age. Can you clip me some hair of hers? Just a few strands, or a handful. Just enough to make a luxurious soul patch. Dude, I would fucking rule the world with a Sigourney Weaver soul patch. It could double as a merkin.

Anyway. GAME ART! Yeah, State of Decay is doing well still. We did something right, people are digging this shit. So here's some more art from inside the game. Deep in the game bowels. Bowels is a gross word. Say it slow; it makes you wanna' poop.

The above image didn't make it in for space reasons. It was going to go into the gun shops. Plus I got to draw a lady. A classy lady.

These were billboards. I love old ads. Our game was supposed to have this tired faded vibe. Beer and hotdogs are pretty fucking America too.

These were posters and a free handbook for the autoshop. Big Daddy; named after the dude in the Romero film. We have tons of that shit. I don't know why I didn't draw the guy to look more like the names reference.

Blaine's Grocery is the Safeway of our game world. maybe not Safeway, that's pretty big. More like a Petosa's Grocer. these were ads throughout the store. I fucking love doing this shit. I LOVE IT!

Well that's it. Iexpect Ms. Weaver's hair in the mail within the week.


Thursday, October 31, 2013


 Dude...Neill...I know. I know. It's been fucking nuts lately. NUTS! Lots of cool shit though. I have not had much time for freetime art, or at least things I can show...yet. Then I though, shit, I have tons of stuff from that game I work on called STATE of DECAY. You know what, it did well. rated by IGN to be the 21st most influential..or most something, X-Box 360 game ever. So I had shit from that I'm going to post. It's a good fucking game, and might even have some hidden Blomkamp graffitti in there.

So the above was the album art (yeah, you can buy that shit on iTunes! It's a really good soundtrack) that got passed on. I was trying to make it look like an old record cover. Like an old spaghetti western album cover. Harrison records was a nod to John Harrison who did music for Day of the Dead. We sneak a lot of reference into our game. We're like hardcore fans that made a love letter to a genre we all love.

I needed some good girl art to stick in garages. This was one that never made it in. I wanted it to look like it was torn out of an old Weird tales magazine. And it was October, so hence the spooky image. I love Creature From the Black Lagoon, so I went for that vibe. Why old magazine? because i was the art director and came up with the nutty term, "Fade Americana." As an art director, you get to do crazy shit like that. I wouldn't say the power went to my head, but I do have a living human ottoman now. Carl, stop fidgeting.

So we had a closed theater in the game, and needed some poster. I'm most proud of Musk, it's sort of a satire on the whole Twilight thing. lathe was a rip of of Saw, and frost Giant Stripper is just a film I want to see. Clowning Around was my way to joke about what all these posters were. Get it? Clowning around? because I was clowning around? I'm funny.

Well, I'll do more of these. I have some art saved up. Signage and shit. these just seemed the most Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone!

Douglaskelington Williams.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Dude...I know. I blab on this blog for fucking years, you finally release a movie, and I'm silent. What da' fuq. I wouldn't want to be my best friend either right now., I feel so darned bad about it. It's been crazy busy though.

I know, that's my go to default, but this shit was like real, real busy. Like my soul has been turned into a crispy husk of what it was. This shit has been moving fast, and very little signs of slowing. I'm a run down mother fucker.

So anyway, did I see Elysium? Yeah, I fucking saw it. Did I like it? No, I FAWKING LOVED IT! Anyone reading this blog; go fucking see this film. It's awesome. the designs are top notch and the world building is amazing. Which is good for someone with a burnt out husk of a creative soul, because it gets you thinking. About the world, the characters, other potential stories; a lot of shit came flooding through my brain. To bad I'm too busy to make any use of it at the moment. I did bang out a Seattle in 2154.

It's pretty much Seattle, but with more transplants. I imagine bumper stickers on cars in 2154 Seattle would say shit like "It might not be Elysium, but at least I'm in Seattle" or "Where'd the rain go?" or "Vote light rail 2122!", shit like that.

Sorry this is another fuck all of a post. I swear I have something big I want to cook up on here. I really hope to do it soon. Oh, dude! The art book! I loooove this artbook. I found these pics on the internet:

Dude, shit is pretty cool. Like something I might do, but slightly different. Like someone added to it to make them better. Yeah dude, it's a great fucking artbook.

Anyway, fanfuckingtastic on the flick. I absolutely loved it, I'll go into more detail in another post. I recommend anyone seeing this film to see it more than once, I actually liked it more in the following viewings than I did the first. And I loved the first viewing. Saw it in Riverport, which is in the middle of fucking nowhere. I love the artbook as well.


Hey, have you ever heard of five pin bowling?


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


DUDE! I'm fucking so goddamned excited! It's finally here! I never knew movies took so long, the ones I shoot in the bathroom take fifteen, twenty minutes tops, but they're just for me.

This thing looks so amazing, I can not wait for it! My main question/gripe from every thing I've seen is the future LA. I mean, it's the future right? So why no effects? This just looks like LA.

I kid, I kid. I had a blast down there. Wonderful place. You probably hate it because of the lack of A&W's and Tim Horton's. I bet Elysium is packed to the gills with A&W's. Fuck, I miss their teen burger.

 Dude, I love the designs of this film. I love the grit, and these fuckers with their tats! Look at that, each one is amazing.

Fuuuuck. So dude, are you balls up excited? I bet you feel like you're gonna' poop all day. Totally IBS shit. Who am I kidding, you're too fucking cool for that. You probably don't even care that it coming out. You'll probably go to the premiere, then be all ,"Peace out, bitches!" then hop on Copley's back all Master blaster style and stride off into the sunset triumphant.

Can not wait.


Monday, July 22, 2013

A Neill related post on my Neill blog!

What, the what? Neill...did I read that you have an eighteen page treatment for District 10? THAT'S AWESOME! I mean, granted, it's not as long as my hundred and ten page fanfic where Wikus, CJ and I have to repopulate their race (they all died of space disease, which is common in space), but it's a good start. Although, my story is mainly just a long very detailed scene. There's not really a story.

I read about it here: WIRED ARTICLE It sounds like you have tons of shit going on! I had to draw a quick version of what I imagine D-10 would be. I should make it shittier, with more flags (like in refugee camps, so you can tell your tent). My wife didn't like this pic, said I should do better. She's right, but fuck it, I need to post!

I can't wait for Elysium. I barely notice Copley's height at all. You must be using some crazy foreshortening. Really impressive, probably my most favorite special effect in the trailer.

Dude, for reals. Look at this shit. This is why I love you, with both my heart and my hard-on.

Look at those colors. The red, and yellow, and background blues. Muthafugga' it soooooo good.

I want this film NOW!

Yours truly,

Douglas D Blomkamp

Friday, July 19, 2013


Dude Neill, I saw Pacific Rim, and I fucking loved it. I swear this blog goes back to you soon; especially with Elysium coming out. But fuck, I gotsta' help out my boy Guillermo. Maybe I should start a GDT blog. My Bestest Friend Guillermo? Maybe Guillermo and Dougy Forever? Guillermo and Doug's Magical Mexican Tour? I don't know, we'll figure it out.

Domestically the flick didn't do as well as I hoped it would, but it still did well. Grown Ups 2. Really? Gawdammit America. Internationally, it's doing much better. Plus, the reviews are all fairly good too! It's currently clocking in at 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. It's exciting for me to work on something that people are having fun seeing. I think most the people I know would totally dig it.

More than that, you can see it as a family. I think ten and above would be fine with it, but to be safe, maybe twelve and above. It features a strong female lead that isn't just eye candy, and doesn't need to fall in love with the boy to define her character. I actually really like all the characters, and I love the message of unity, and coming together.

It's a great film for that age set. For kids, and adults that aren't afraid to be kids. It feels like it's made for that group, the adventure film goers. Instead of taking a comic book character and turning them into something strictly for adults, while still selling toys to young kids; it feels like a film that caters to child like wonderment. Plus, it's filled with hope.

Here are two pieces I did for the film. They're both in the artbook. One is all me, and the ones with the bones is based on a Oscar Chichoni sketch.

Anyway, go and see it. It's not going to be the same on your TV. Honestly. Well...maybe your TV, which I'm guessing is fucking huge.

Watch it with your heart.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Dude, Neill, here's something a little different. Don't freak though, this is your blog, and I'll be ramping up on Elysium soon. And Chappie? The fuck? Take a break dude.

I use my blogs for fun, and to a lesser extent promote myself. I'm extremely uncomfortable with the promoting side of things. Naturally as an artist I usually like my work for about an hour before I begin to tear it apart. I'm constantly filled with self doubt and stress. So, usually it's a gag here or there and a post of a sketch I did for fun. Occasionally I push a project that I worked on and am excited about. That leads to this long winded, but quickly written, post.

I worked briefly on Pacific Rim.

When I began writing this I was worried that Grown Ups 2 was going to outperform Pacific Rim. Maybe it will. Does it matter? Not really. Guillermo will get paid (although, I'm guessing much more if it does well), the actors will get paid, I will get paid...uh, got paid. We all made our money, and worked hard  and had fun doing it. Of course, if GU2 does better, than we can be guaranteed that there will be a GU3. Maybe that's not a bad thing. I never saw GU1, so I really can't trash talk. I think most those guys in GU1 are funny too. But here's the thing about Pacific Rim, and why I'm rooting for it.

It's Guillermo's film. He treated it with respect. He made something that's fun and acknowledges what it is. It's a summer popcorn flick, meant to dazzle you and entertain. Maybe, maybe, it will have the same effect Star Wars and Empire had on me. See, the thing is, my dream was to work on a real Hollywood movie.

I had great success in games, and I guess I was greedy, but really wanted to work on a film. Sadly, I had given up on that dream. I thought, maybe my kid will be a director some day and throw Dad a bone.

I have worked on one other film, from home, and it was also an amazing experience; more on that in August. It gave me the confidence to try new avenues to get into film. So I made a book of art to present to GDT at a talk about his Strain books.

That shit usually doesn't work, or shouldn't, but with Guillermo it can. So I handed my book to him and months later got an email. I worked with Guillermo del Toro and an amazing group of artists in a small cramped room near Thousand Oaks on the film Pacific Rim. With Guillermo, you never doubt that he knows what he's doing. His artistic skills are top notch, and I felt like I learned more working with him than I could have learned in years at a school. He is incredibly hard working; he was there more than we were, and the few times he asked if we could work on a weekend, he truly asked. There was no punishment for missing it. No anger, no retribution. My family was way up north, so rather than spend my weekend alone, I was more than happy to show up. And it was crazy fun. We worked hard, but the atmosphere was a little lighter than on the weekdays. Maybe because GDT had been writing all night, and all day, and then again all night, and all day. He was a little punchy by Sunday. But happy; very happy. This was a fun project.

I do have another story about Guillermo. One that really matters to me.

When I was working on Pacific Rim we all went to lunch one day. It was this awesome burger place I'm planning on visiting while I'm down there this week. On the way out, this man recognized Guillermo, raced to his car and started showing him what looked like posters from his trunk. Guillermo said he'd catch up with us in a bit. I saw him talking with the man, shaking his hand, and even giving him a hug as we left.  I'm sure he made that guys day. That stuck with me. It would have been easy to say, "Thanks, but I'm very busy" and walked away. But Guillermo didn't.

So I'm rooting for this guy. I want that kind of behavior to be rewarded. I want to reward kindness, intellect, and brilliant artistic vision.

Plus, he's just a great fucking guy to be around.

If none of that matters, the flick is currently at 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, there is that.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The state of State of Decay

So Neill, it's done. The fucking zombie game. Out, and ready to play. You can play it on XBLA. It's getting pretty stellar reviews. IGN gave it an 8.9. This is how I pay my bills. Well, it's how I pay my bills until you and I rent a studio together and write, draw, and produce while sitting next to each other and constantly slapping out our hands for awesome bro fives.

I'm proud of what this team accomplished here. They got some skills. Believe it or not, there's a District 9 reference in the game. It's graffiti...and you have to find it, but it's there. We're such a small team, making an XBLA game that's honestly more ambitious than most sixty dollar games. I'm not afraid to say that.

Anyway, I swear I'm going to start adding more posts soon. I've been writing like a mother fucker. That and building silicone props for my short. They look like horrendous vaginas, but are flesh wounds. They'll be better bloodied up, airbrushed, blended and with black insectoid spikes coming out of them.

So shit is still going strong. It's been busy, but good. A good busy. Be back soon!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Gawdammit. I'm about done with this. I need more time to do at least one of these right.



Friday, April 26, 2013


Clearly...I'm way behind on my challenge. Way behind. I'll try to catch up.

Here's a spaceship. A crashed one.



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The 'I Suck at Spaceships' challenge.

Dude, Neill; I suck at spaceships. I don't know why, but I'm awful at them. It's ok, because most of them suck nowadays. I mean the pretend ones, not the real ones. Those are cool, and made of math and shit. Shit being science.

So I came up with a plan...a spaceship a day. Not a hardcore rendered spaceship, just a sketch. Maybe something more know what, fuck the spaceship a day. Lets do five a week, for a month. So maybe some days there's three, maybe five, maybe none. You get the idea.

So here's a D-9 cruiser. I mean the aliens wouldn't call it that, but that's what I'm calling it. A District 9 cruiser would just be a bunch of corrugated metal and barb wire floating through space.

Fuck, I can't stop watching your Elysium trailer. So fucking good.



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holy shit...

Dude....I don't even....holy shit. It looks fucking awesome.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dude...holy fuck. We're a few hours away from seeing this trailer. So people tried to throw me off by saying it might not be coming out today, but they were hopefully wrong.

I can not wait. I can't I must see this. All the comments coming out of the ten minute preview are crazy fucking positive.Like; all of them.

Dude, check this shit out:

I don't know exactly what it said — because I was too busy smashing my face with a hammer out of sheer despair that Neill Blomkamp can't just make all of the science fiction movies right now. All this from a trailer, which will be out tomorrow.  -IO9.COM

As you'll see in tomorrow's trailer, there's a tremendous amount of production design that went into Elysium and its gritty sci-fi world-COMING SOON.NET

We’ve waited a long time to see how the talented filmmaker would follow up such an impressive debut, and today we got to see an exciting and promising preview.-CINEMA BLEND.COM

My balls are about to explode in anticipation!!!-PLEASELOOKATMENEILLBLOMKAMP.BLOGSPOT.COM
Dude, it's all fucking like this!

One and a half hours to go....


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I was drunk...

So...dude. Man....I don't know how to say this. So, you know Neill, you're my main dude. Like, main dude. But sometimes I feel like this is a one sided relationship. I feel like you're just going through the motions. Not always, but sometimes, and during one of those weak moments I met Guillermo del Toro.

He's a very irresistible man, he flattered me, and...I...I worked with him. But only a little bit, and it meant nothing. Well, not nothing, I mean it was super cool and I met a bunch of really great guys. Wonderful people and insanely talented. Guillermo was also crazy talented and amazingly busy, I have no idea how he does it all. Super fun too, fun guy to work with. But, again, it was a moment of weakness. I feel like the ugliest Diane Lane in the world.

I hate for you to find out this way, but it's in the Hollywood gossip mags now. Total Film posted some of my pictures, with my name attached. I figured it would get to you eventually, and I preferred you heard it from me.

So hopefully you'll find it in your heart to forgive me. I'm not really like this, it's only happened once, and I've learned from it.

Pacific Rim is going to be pretty fucking awesome though.

Douglas 'Eternally Yours' Williams

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maggot King

Neill...Neill...Neill. Dude, where's my trailer. Where's my gawddamned Elysium trailer. I wants it!

I saw the Pacific Rim trailer, and it looks fucking fantastic! I bet a lot of good looking people made that film, or at least did the art for it. Like golden gods, using their talents to produce art for the masses (that means they used their wang doodles to paint with). My one issue is all these extremely intelligent Youtube kids saying things like 'Why robots? Why not giant missles?'.

Anyway, quick sketch. It's the Maggot King. Sounds very fantasy right? All that fantasy crap is the same, not that I'm anti fantasy. I worked on a fantasy game for over 8 years. Loved it. But everything is named shit like this. The Lich King. Lord of Night. He who Seeks. Legolas. Tommy Two Poops. Fuck it. they all want to be Lord of the Rings. All of them. Not awful, but dammit, LotR was new when it came out (shut up Tolkien purist and your based on Norse Myths horseshit)!

I once mentioned having our games dwarves (since, you know, we HAD to have them) live in trees and be almost like burly primates. Like Tarzan gorilla's, but smarter. Frazetta the shit out of them. You might have though I had asked to stab an old lady the way people in that meeting responded. "Dwarves don't live in trees! They mine...IN THE GROUND!"

It's like people love to make rules for shit that needs no rules. It's called FANTASY for a reason.

So if mankind makes giant robots to battle giant monsters, fuck all I don't care if a giant missle makes more sense, the robot's going to be way fucking more fun! God bless GDT!

Now give me my Elysium trailer.

OH FUCK! Premiere the Elysium trailer on this blog! That will surprise the shit out of everyone!!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Neill...dude. You know the worst part of sketching/art creation? It's when something is working in the beginning, and you go, "OOOhhh, this is going to be rad!" But then, at the end, it all fucking falls apart. It's like building the Eiffel Tower, and with the last few bolts it collapses. That's sort of this guy here. he's just kind of dumb. Fuck it though, it's a sketch and there's some ok bits in there.

It's weird how I've been using that soft PS brush lately. I hated that brush for so long, but it's not such a bad brush. It's like a hobo that you keep chained in the basement. At first it's ugly and gross, but you hit it with the hose and pretty soon it's not so awful. Soon you have that hobo planting things in your garden, giving you foot rubs while you watch Jimmy Kimmel and helping you catch other hobo's, and you're like "hey, this is a pretty good hobo."

I've never done that...I don't even know if we still have hobo's.

At any rate...another sketch. The blog is back up and running.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Worky work

Neill. Sup dude? Crazy days here. Almost done with this thing. Almost. Not the picture, the game I've been working on. I took it home played it this last weekend. It's fucking awesome. It's really come together. This guy didn't make it into the game like this, but I always liked the image. So fuck it, I'm posting it. I'm the art director! Lookit mah' swagger!

Check out this vid of the game in action. It's pretty fun, right? Fuck yeah it is. It's even better to play. Of course, I'm biased, but our game feels unique. Base building, action, stealth, vehicles; fuck yeah.
I built a garden the other night. A muther fucking garden. With pumpkins! Why pumpkins? Becuase they're big, round and orange; and I'm the muther fucking art director!

Any way, this thing is fucking massive for an XBLA game. Fucking massive. It'll be on PC too, but still. Our team is under thirty people, and that's everyone. We have less people than most games have animators. Nuts, dude. Nuts.

Anyway, hope you like. If you ever want to talk vibeo bames, I'm your man.

OH! I played a fun and freaky game this weekend for the iPad called Slender Rising. Pretty slick for a small game, seriously freaky. Especially if you imagine that tall fucker Slender as Copley. Then it's even scarier! I'd be a better best friend, Neill, I'd be better!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Things I suck at; part 1.

Dude...Neill. I have a confession. I love spaceships. But I suck at drawing spaceships. At least spaceships that look cool. I have no idea why. Same with Civil War drawings/paintings.

I had a job recently that was all Civil War meets...something. Dude, I had such a hard time with it. I mean, I wouldn't have froze if it was an army of aliens, or knights, or nude Kelly Brooks that had been wrestling in oil. No problems, I'd dive right in. But spaceships? Civil War? I freak the fuck out.

So, I'm making it my goal to draw better spaceships. Or ships from R-Type. Hopefully both. Expect more spaceships. Here's some sketches.

Fuck Civil War pictures. I ain't doing that shit.


Super Turbo Elysium!

Neill, do you like games? What about video games?

Here's my  awful twenty minute mock up for the character selection screen for a downloadable Street Fighter-ish Elysium fighting game! It would have to be all sprite based.

I would so play the shit out of this game.


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Dude, Neill, what up man? Fuck dude, so sorry for the lack of updates. I know it's a constant phrase on this blog, but I've been cwazy busy. Super fun projects, but crazy busy.

So I'm going to try for at least two updates a week. Two mini pieces of art a week. They don't need to be finished. Just quick shit. Like this guy. My re-imagined Galaga bug. One of those things I loved about early arcade games is that the graphics were so ancient, you really had to use you imagination.

So the above is supposed to be this guy.

I'd say I'm prrrreeeeettttyyy close.

In other news; holy fuck dude. Elysium looks amazing. Remember all those jokes about mean Matt Damon beating up Copley? I take them all back.

This movie is going to fucking rock. My guess is this is just what Sharlto looks like now, no makeup. Hard life of strippers, highballs, goats and cocaine.

Actually, I'm just joking. Sharlto, please don't beat me up.


Tremblingly yours;