Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A serious moment....

Hey Neill what's up. So, breaking my crazy character for a bit.

This Friday will be my last day at Arena Net. After seven years of Charr, Icons, Poobags, Dragons, delivered lunches, Battlefield Desert Combat grudge matches, 4 shipped games and Kekai's sweet smile, I'll be moving on.

My new gig is going to be at Undead Labs as the art director. Given the fact that I love the zombie genre (and have since 1988, when Curtis Pitt rented Dawn of the Dead for his slumber party) and pitched my first zombie game in 1997, with a slew of other pitches over several years (Three alone at Arena), you'd think this would have been an easy decision. It wasn't.

I went back and forth for a long time. It's selfish, but I wish Arena had fallen apart. I wish the projects became shitty and the people soulless shells that just punched buttons on their keyboards. That way I could walk away from this place with a 'fuck you' and not look back. It didn't. Instead it stayed amazing, and even more wonderful people joined. So now leaving is hard, and it'll takes a few weeks at the new job to fully accept my own decision.

The people here are tremendous, and their talent is unmatched in the MMO world. Having played Guild Wars 2 I can honestly say that the whole fantasy MMO genre is about to have it's teeth knocked out. The only teeth that will be left are the ones that it'll be choking on. Then it will die, and all that will be left is GW2. It's epic. As epic as Greg's (Not Broadmore) overpriced French Dipped sandwiches.

So that's that, it's been a helluva ride.


PS: Of course this is all moot when you hire me to write and star in the next District movie. I'll be playing the part of 'overweight beer drinking prawn'.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Side Tracked

Yo Neilldog, did I ever mention that I get easily side tracked? It's true too many ideas an---OH SHIT A SQUIRREL! Huh? What was I typing? Doesn't matter, fuck squirrels are dope! I wish I had a bushy tail like one of those fuckers. Do you know what I would do with it? I wouuld dust the shit out of my house! First I'd dust the --OH SHIT A CROW!!!

Crows are black. So is Blade. Know who directed Blade 2? Guillermo Del Toro, brother to the werewolf. He's not? Whatever, he is directing a Mountains of Madness flick though. So here's a uber quick Lovecraftian creature.

Why? Why when there's public opinion to continue on Jockeys, and I just started on District 10...fanart? Why suddenly and quickly shift focus to work on Del Toro imagery? Because I bought tickets to see Mr. Del Toro speak in Portland in September, and I'm all jazz hands about it.

Dude don't worry, you're still my favorite. I love his flicks though. Maybe I should bring a small pack of art and chuck it at him while he's on the stage. It could work. Any who; so yeah, this is still your blog. Don't worry, I'm a total Blomkampian fan. Your movies are way better. Oh! Shhhh! Guillermo is waking up. Type later.

Mrs. Douglas Del Toro (Blomkamp)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What the Eff Am I Thinking?

Sorry Neill, been on a little vacation. I know that the blog sort of decides whether you're going to have a good or bad day, so I feel like I let you down.

I also had a revelation, why the fuck am I doing a shit ton of images for the Alien prequel? The blog isn't called, "Please Look and me Ridley Scott (or Tony if you're looking)". It's fucking got your name in it. If I should be exploring any fucking potential for any other fake film, it should be one of yours. Am I right? Of course I am.

So here's a banged out photo-chopped image of the title. Yeah, I've warmed up for the whole invasion thing, but only because I think I found away around the ID4 plot mentality. I'll do more images in the future. Maybe using photo's like the above, but probably more paintings. I like to paint....on the computer.

Have a good one dude.