Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Neill! That's all I got.

I'm realizing I'm terrified of clean streets. I mean rendering them. Dirt, grime; shit-eeeeeeasy. But clean, pristine? Fuck. That will be my next challenge, a nice clean nice street. With people. Maybe a few future cops, and a taxi. Future taxi.

Another lazy double post. I know, I'm a slacker. This will be it for a few days as well. I help out with an art docent at my daughters kindergarten class once a month, which is tomorrow; and I'm heading down to Great Wolf Lodge with the kiddies after that. So, I won't have much time to do any art.

This was the laziest piece. Ugly bug. I shouldn't share it, but there's a few things I like. Anyway.

So that's it. If you want to head on down to GWL I'll be the pasty, hefty white guy with Ahab chasing him. We can eat expensive cafeteria food together.

Moby Doug

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Neillios, enjoying the games? Got Olympic fever? No worries, there's a cream for that.

So here's an uber quicky. Aliens are easy. Quick and simple. Speaking of aliens, you know what I was disappointed with? Star Wars. The prequels. I know, I know, easy target. Let's ignore the story and plot elements I didn't care for, and focus on the creatures.

They were so bland. Especially compared to some of the aliens from the originals. It's like they turned into Star trek aliens. Nose ridges and head horns. I wanted more Klaatu's and 4-LOMS (I had that version, and yes I did order my Ackbar action figure). More Bossks, Squid Heads and Ree Yees's. I didn't want to see those exact guys again and again, but new creatures with the same fun-ness to them. Remember how each movie had new creatures? The new flicks mainly rehashed all the old ones. Boring.

Plus, I figured, finally we can break out of plain old human aliens. Sebulba was one of the few that really broke the mold. He's was fucking awesome. That's what those movies needed more of. Not the cartoony digital characters we received. I guess those cockroach guys were pretty neat too. Still, not nearly enough. Those movies had some really great designs though. Amazing artists.

So that's that. My quick post, for quick art.

Doug "Hammerhead from the original is the best Star Wars alien of all time" Williams

Monday, February 22, 2010

Double Dip

Yo, yo, yo! Howzat goin' Neill?!? Getting you're tux ready for the awards night? I'm telling you, plaid never goes out of style. EVER!

So this image is on a windy planet. The settlers set up shop underneath, and use wind turbines above them for power. I figure tech slightly above were we are now would be totally old school to them. It would be like little house on the prairie. On 172 channels and no wet wired entertainment? Like living in the past!

This is lazy art. I almost didn't post it. Here it is anyway. Just to show I'm not slacking. I drew it lazy, and it shows. Boo.

I did take a night off to relax. I finally recieved Moon which I have been waiting to see for a year. My wife wanted to watch the other movie we got, Julie & Julia. So I started watching Julie and Julia. I guess I had my man-gina on, because I was really enjoying it. Do you know what it's about?

T his loser lady makes this blog and devotes it entirely to Julia Childs. Like that's ever going to work. Well, it does. Shit Neill, this could be us! Doug & Neill, staring maybe Wesley Snipes and Kenny Baker; or Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford; or Kate Winslet and Ryan Reynolds; or some other weird bullshit combo. If you want it can be Neill $ Doug. I'm not really an egotistic fella. Thank God, my name's not Bob!

Bon Appetit!

Doug Williams

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Neill, good grief man. I'm a little concerned I'm still noodling this asshole. Wait...that sounds worse than I meant. I might wrap this guy up at lunch tomorrow. Leaving work for an hour also sounds good. Tough call.

I angled out a lot of this, trying to keep it closer to Greg's D9 stuff. I imagine these guys as welders, closing small holes caused by space debris. The boots are magnetic, so they can hop and be pulled back to the hull.

Well, off to slumber land.

Winsor McDoug

Lunch Update:

Tweaked some of the legs and such. Not bad, nearly four hours, but drawn from scratch, no photo pieces. I'm sure I can go create faster. Well, going outside with my last few lunch minutes.

With or without the tail?

Neill, you know what I love? Tiger prawns. Were I grew up we'd head out into the straights to go fishing and lay nets on our way out. Even if you didn't catch a fish, you usually had a good haul of tiger prawns. I wonder what a District 9 prawn would taste like. I wouldn't eat it raw; like some people; but I would probably cook it up and make a nice lemon butter sauce to dip it in. Man, just thinking of that movie is making me hungry.

Anywho; so this started as a human space suit, but then started to morph into what a Prawn might wear. Not the water in the net delicious prawn, but the movie alien from space prawn. Yeah, ignoring comma's. I tried to bring in some design elements I think Greg would have put in. Because I had already started the colors I stuck with red. I think the white, orange, black coloring would be better though.

Sort of sad that i used to scoff at people who made 'fanart'. I thought they were wasting there time. Yet; none of them made a fake book cover. Sigh. These nerd horns are pointy.

Well, back to work for me.


Kicking it old school!

Holy shit Neill, have you seen the craziness? I was featured on io9. Chiggety check it here. Because of me, you're famous!

Click off crazy. On a serious note, thanks for all the kind comments new viewers! I'll try to answer as many q's and e-mails as I can, but it's hard. Trying to find time between, work, fun work, family, fighting ninjas and this blog; not a lot of time. But thanks! It really means a lot to me. Ok, crazy back on.

So here's a quick one from tonight Neill. I had some pressure to preform, but kept' on effing it up! Somewhere this image crawled it's way out of the scene I was doing. Anything is fixable I suppose. It's sort of a throw back image. Like those old sci-fi novels covers. I used a paint over for the girl. I messed her up enough, I asked the internet for help. It obliged. A lot.

Hope you had a good one!

DD Williams

Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Spice

Neill, how's it going. Pretty good here to be honest. Had an awesome Valentines day with the kiddo's. decorated heart shaped sugar cookies. You know what a two year old puts on a frosted sugar cookie? Pink fucking suger arystals. Like a mountain of them. She's like a little fremen kid hooked on spice, but instead it's pink sugar.

(This is a horrible lead in, but it's all I got.)

Hey what the fuck is up with Arrakis? I mean shit, ain't they got spice on other planets? I mean sure, maybe your eyes don't go all bluey, but surely it can't be that great. I mean, it can't bend space and time, right? can?

Wow, that's some good fucking spice. Can you imagine the street value of that planet? CHA-CHING!


Friday, February 12, 2010


Friggle-Frak, Neill! I was really enjoying myself working on this one. I was planning on closing up the front and messing with the back, and maybe getting rid of that upper area; when-poof-lunch hour gone. So 'effing lame.

I would write more, but my lunch hour is gone.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


Neill; that's a tanker horn. I have to admit, I find tankers fascinating. Well, I call them all tankers, but I'm including cargo ships as well.

I grew up in Port Angeles; yeah that's right, from Twilight; and we had a fairly deep peninsula. Lots of big ships would come in. Enormous. We would drive our boat alongside of them, it was like that first time you saw the Star Destroyer at the beginning of Star Wars, but real. Soooooo big. I also love mudflats. I like how bleak they look. You'd never guess the life teaming on a mudflat. Sometimes I'd dress in my speedo and call myself muddy mudskipper and slop around all over the top. last week I got plenty of wide eyed stares. I think people really like it.

So this image is of a port. The tide can come in a bit, but it would still be fairly shallow. They have the scaffolding tie off points around in the mud. While the ship is tied there, and independent ferry company would fly the crewmen off for shore leave. The muddy area would be perfect if a ship had to 'shallow it' and rest their belly on the ground. Soft and all, minimal damage.

Toot! Toot!

That's a tug sound.


Douglas Tuglas Williams

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long time gone.

Neill of the cosmos! Greetings! Wait....I think I've done this one too. Fuck....this blog has been going on for awhile hasn't it? Oh well, it gets more hits now than my regular site.

So here's another quicky. It's from an old idea. I've always meant to write a short story about humans who return to earth to explore their past. See, in the future we somehow pulled out of our nose dive. We're smarter, wiser, kinder beings. So these explorers come back and are trying to piece together their past. Of course, it ends up being a little sad, and they realize this idealized past they believed in was never there. We left only because we had to. It was sort of an idea about how the past always sounds like a better simpler time, but when you really look back it usually isn't. So the present is where you're supposed to be.

Shit! I gotta' go!




Neill, I'm sort of ashamed. I mean, this is nerdy. Like I should own a Stormtrooper costume nerdy.

I was actually just testing out a new PS brush I acquired. It's pretty cool. That lead to this post.

I love thinking of mundane things that exist in a fantasy world. Sometimes they're focused on, like the television ads in Robocop. Usually though, they're in the background and only the most hardcore fan will find or appreciate them. To me it sells the world. Shit; think of Broadmore's Grordbort universe, that's a perfect example. What sells it is all the little things in the background. So I made a book cover, for a book that would exist on bookstore shelves in the D9 universe.

It's not necessarily how I would make a cover, but it's what I would expect to find. The fake damaged cover, the bold heavy type, and the trendy blurry art. You know the books. Usually non fiction, comparative religion, metaphysics, science (especially fringe science), cryptozoology stories, non fiction crime; the list goes on.

I might do more, maybe one based on conspiracy theory Wikus, who knows. They're nerdy, but quick and fun.

Well hope the new film is going well.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Space Cow


Well, maybe not fire, these are quick after all. But shit Neill; work, Vietnamese crunchy prawn lunch, kids, Lost, writing two other stories (ideas GB, ideas!), and three quick pics? BOOM! F-EYE-AH! Just saying.

SO this one's black and white. Film Noir? Space Cow? Shit whatever.

Have a great night!

" All B Bach"

Solar Power

I know, two in one day! What did you do to deserve this? Let me check my inbox....nothing. You've done nothing to deserve this. Still; here's an uber quicky. I honestly shouldn't even post it. I was just inspired by a friends work, wanted to crank something out. So this is it.

Solar Power stations. Relays to earth, tethers I suppose. Fun stuff. The jpeg compression made it all wonky, but I kind of like it.

Oh, I just wanted to say, I love both Cameron on Scott. I'm sort of a fanboy of both. I saw Blade Runner when it came out, I think I was ten or something. Why was I allowed to watch that? Wow, I also saw The Road Warrior (Greg, that's Mad Max 2 to all of you in a land down under...or next to a land down under) around then. What was wrong with my parents (Love you guys!)?

So I love Ridley and James. Loved Avatar, can't wait for Robin Hood. I'll have to see what Ridley does with this Monopoly movie thing, he's earned my trust; but I can't picture it being good. He's got vision though. I will say I honestly don't want an Alien prequel.

You know what I want instead of a prequel, Alien 3. But there was a three, you say? Not in my new universe. I love the style, and enjoy the story of three; but not as an alien film. It negates everything that happens in Aliens. Kill off Newt and Hicks? Fuck that, no I mean it; FUCK THAT. So start from there. They're all older and on earth. Ripley and Hicks are together and Newt is their adopted, but now grown kid. Go from there, make it an Alien story. Fuck everything that came after that. Three and four and AVP and that Rastafarian Alien thing--ADIOS! God, they really fucked that series.

Whoa, when did this soap box get under my feet?

Doug "Right on the Alien Prequel" Williams

Ballon Crash

Grand day Mr. Blomkamp!

So here's an uber quick piece. It's a crashed floater ship. Like a big manned weather balloon. These guys have hung close to the wreckage, but no help has arrived for twenty some odd hours, so now they're heading to base on foot. Quick idea. I was just painting clouds...and it turned into this.

It's super quick though, around half an hour. Now, I ain't the best artist in the world, but imagine what I could do if I was really trying, and had a few hours in the evening. Ok, I'd probably waste two and a half hours and crank something out at the end, but still.

Let's do this shit! Oh, also I write, did I mention that? Fucking reni...ah..reinna...shit how do you spell that...uh...renaissance man!

I expect to hear from you today, or else the hunt begins. The most dangerous game....


Not really.

John "Douglas" Rambo

Monday, February 8, 2010

Grabage Man!

Yo Neill! Sup' man. Things are going good here. Sorry for the lack of updates, I know that they are the highlight of your day, but I've been busy. I've been writing, and man it's fun! No, not for another idol blog, but a real honest to goodness fun story. I realized how much I missed writing.

So here's a quicky, lunch picture. Slavage guy. I have a whole story wrapped around him. I want to make a short film with him in it, but I'd have to hit up some friends and find the time. Tough stuff. Basically he a salvage guy. His helmet is decorated by his kids. If you're ever interested in hearing the whole story, just write me and I'll tell you.

Oh, for the record, your buddy was robbed. Copely's performance was one of the best this year. I assumed he was nominated. I call fucking bullshit.

So, anytime you want to hang and grab a few brews, just let me know. I swear I won't go Glenn Close on you. Unless you scorn me. Then it's rabbit in the pot time.


Doug Close

PS-You might dig this talk by Kim Stanely Robinson. Good shit. KSR Bonus Video.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thar she blows! AROOOOOOOO!

Aye' there Captain Blomkamp. These waters be filled with a most dangerous fish. Leviathan of old. Scourge of da' seben seas. Drowner of men, eater of Alpo. The white wolfwhale. Arg.

Sup' dood? These are some edits to an older project I was working on. That redWOLF thing I told you about before. When I created this image I was re-reading Moby Dick. If you have not heard of it, it's pretty good. All about a whale or some shit. So anyways, this ridiculous image was born out of the project I was working on and my love of that tale.

Sorry for no brand stinking new art, but I've been busy writing. I can so write! You don't even know me. Why are you being so cruel? It used to not be like this. My tears taste like iron. Weird.


Anyway, been having fun writing. Almost done with what I'm working on. Makes me want to write my young adult series. I'm reading Percy Jackson with my five year old right now. Good grief it's fun. I have an idea for a series, and I actually like it too. Last night when I was writing I couldn't help but think what fun it would be to write a book. for thought. Well, I gotta' wipe the blood from my eyes.

Dammit; it's all over my shirt.

Have a bonus unus;


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


All kidding aside; congratulations on the Oscar nomination. Not bad for a first timer.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Totally, Definitely, Positively, Not Busy.

Just saying. You case you were wondering. Like maybe you were all, "Oh man, this dude would make a great meat shield!," or, "Man, bet that guy makes a mean cup of coffee!," or whatever. Just so's ya' know.

So Neill, you ever read The Forever War? I think you're a sci-fi nerrrrrrrr....uh....stud, so you probably have. I finally did a few months ago. 'Dat shit is tight! Anyway, I hear Ridley is finally making it. God I hope it doesn't get fucked up. I mean Ridley Scott is the shit; love that guy, but what about the Monopoly movie, or the Alien prequel? Why is he agreeing to these things? Gambling debts? What if the well is dry? Technically it'll be gorgeous, so I guess I don't really need to worry.

So anyway this fucker is a Tauran. Quick shit. Wanted to write at lunch, but this room can be loud. LOUD! I SAID LOUD MOTHERFUCKER! Can you tell were I focused on the art? Yep that's it. Christ you're brilliant.

Have a great one man!