Friday, April 6, 2018


Dude bro, whut is up? How have things been?

Me? Well, this are bonkers, but good. We're finally releasing Sate of Decay 2. This project has been an ordeal. Like a wild time. Excited to get it out, but those last few moments...nerve wracking. Here's a vid. There's a story around it, but I can't say it...because I'll probably get in trouble.

It makes me think, shit must have been nuts for you. How did you guys and gals make so much content so quick at Oats? What was your pipeline line? The same for each, or wildly different per short? Did you hire wizards? I hate wizards. They think they're so cool.

I realized that I had some time to sketch I can space it out and have more than one post in the next few weeks. Get ready!

Dugless Fresh

Friday, December 8, 2017

Cutting Room Floor

Dude, Neill, how goes it? I'm fucking loving the ADAM shorts you guys are doing with UNITY. I dug Unity, it was a fun engine to work with. It's what we made Moonrise in. I'm still bummed about that project. I feel like it still has some potential. Although, I have lots of projects that had potential, and never even got started.

These images were from a fun action adventure co-op game. I like my landscapes bleak and desolate. It actually got all the way to be in front of publishers, but withered there.

I still think, maybe someday something will happen with this, so I won't dig too deep into what it was. The world was cool, neat set up. I love finding stories in game world, ways to make you and every other player the 'hero', but still be you. I find open story design challenging.

It's just fun world building. When you set the mission structure right, the gamer hopefully doesn't feel like they're bread-crumbing, but instead in charge of their own decision and character progression.  Hopefully they find their own story in the crumbs you scattered on the floor. Shit like that is rad.

I can honestly say that out of a hundred or so of my game (or film, or story, or comic) pitches, only one was made. It did well. Made millions. Not me...but it made millions. I guess just keep pitching. I sure as shit am not going to stop. I have one game idea right now that features...well...maybe we wait a bit.

Long story longer, it makes me wonder what ideas of yours ended up in limbo, or in a 'someday' dreams folder. I'm guessing a chunk of Oats was born out of that, a place to at least partially realize those ideas. At any rate, I'm fucking loving them.

Keep on keeping on.

Doug "The Pitchlist" Williams

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Churn

" head that way and take a left..."

Dude, yo...what is up? I just read this Rolling Stone article by Hideo Kojima. Which is crazy fucking cool that Hideo has reached that level of...uh...know-ability? Fuck, I don't know. I'm sure there's a word that sums that up.

At any rate, you be in it. Briefly mentioned, but in a good way.

The article is good, and heartbreaking, because it's a thousand percent true. I feel like the studio I'm at is a little island of creatives still trying to do something unique. It isn't perfect, but it's ours. I keep hearing stories from friends and others who have friends on thousand plus person teams. 

"What you doing there?"

"Gun sights."

"Oh right on! You always designed cool weaponr-"

"No.....just the sights."

These massive corporate multi studio assembly lines are a far cry from what this industry was in 1997. I know, I'm old, shit changes...but fuck. 

How can you really drive creativity and take chances when the recipe is always the same?  How can you really be something unique or express yourself when the safe choice is all the chance you're allowed? On the flip side, how can you gamble surviving on an indy salary with a family to support?

I don't have any real answers, but I know we're pushing against that tide. I think you and the Oats crew are too. I guess that's the only option. Do your best, and hope shit works.

What a bummer post. I don't post forever and this is the shit I spew? Cry me a river garbage? Fuck that. 

Butthole, nipples, chili-fresh, rat smells and shopping mall decor. Ahhhh. Ok, that feels more like the old me.

I shouldn't complain, I've had more chances than most, and continue to live the dream others would kill for. I'm selfish though, I want more.

Anyway, keep it up with Oats. I fucking love it, and not just because of the content. I love the idea.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Some weird pupa thing...

Dude, Neill....I'm so sorry. It's been forever. I've been meaning to post, but life got busy. I know you look forward to each one of these blog posts, and I really dropped the ball. Now I've caused you to spend millions of dollars just to get my attention.

I'm talking about Oats Studios.

I imagine you came up with this plan for a studio that makes things catered almost specifically to me for more blog posts. Well, it worked. Here's the blog post, and I'm sure there will be more to come. I'm actually running out the door, but your teaser for Zygote made me finally sit and sign in to this dusty old blog.

Some sort of creepy mutant alien thing made of bodies in a sci-fi setting? Dude, you're better than this. It didn't have to be so transparent. You could have emailed, called or even started a blog yourself 'Hey Doug where have you gone', or 'Please post again Doug Williams'. So many different ways to reach out.

All this being said; Oats is fucking awesome. I've loved every short, and can't wait for more. worked. You sly devil. It worked.

More to come! Also...maybe a tumblr...I need more boobs fro a tumblr though...

Doug "Always impressed" Williams

Friday, August 19, 2016

Old shit, but new shit...

Neill, whas up? I realized, I have a fuckton of art from a dead game I can post. It's not secret, people saw it, so should be good to go. Right? Right?

I'll start throwing some of this shit here from time to time. This was from a mobile game called Moonrise. I really loved working on it, and was digging the game. Never found the audience it needed to survive. Saddness.

But that's the shit right? So many things, disappear. Never release. I've worked on more things that have never come out that shit that's succeeded. I don't feel bad about it, always learning.

I'll be honest though, this one sort of sucked. Mainly because it was practically done. People played it, and enjoyed it. Shit this blog is supposed to be funny right?'s an image of Sharlto loving on some soy chorizo.

My Heart Will Go On...

Woo. barely pulled out of that nosedive.

More to come!

Douglas 'feeling nostalgic' Williams

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Neill, dude, sup?

Man, there was a period of time where I had these horrible dreams. Something was in my back yard, but I could never fully see it. Dream stories are boring, but it was all weird and dreamy and scary as shit.

So I drew this dude back then and named him Tony. 

It should have been Toni, or Tone, after my favorite band Tony! Toni! Tone!, which if played in conjunction with the film Tora Tora Tora link up like Wizard of Oz and  Pinkfloyd's Darkside of the Moon. I don't want it to look like I'm choosing a fav of the Ton...guys (It's you Tony).

Yes. I know I could have changed the file name, but I'm lazy and it would be a lie. I never lie, that's also a lie. Lies lies lies.

Dougochio Williams

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cerulean Valley

Neill, what's up bro? Do you like ghosts? I do. I think they're rad. I wish there more ghost things, but not always like Paranormal Activity flicks. I want more Poltergeist shit. I love that fucking film. Love it.

Anywho, I have an idea for Guillermo. You know he made that flick Crimson Peak? Well, it had red ghosts. So like, for a sequel, why not make Cerulean Valley? It's totes different. Not a peak, but a valley. Also, not crimson, but cerulean. So blue ghosts in a valley. Fucking gold. 

This is how smart I am. This is why you want to work with me.

Just saying.

Douglas del Williams

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Big Frank

Neill. I know. It's been a long time. I know you sit by the computer, waiting and hoping for a new blog post. I know it. Every ding on your phone, every bloop on your iPad; hoping for me to continue my work. Continue my dream; our dream.

Well here it is.

Sup bro! Whatchyu' been up too? What secrets you got cooking? I wants dates and details!

Anywho, this is a quick photo-bash painted thing. I say this pic of that girl on Instagram and for some reason thought this would be cool. So I added some old school techy shit and a Frankenstein's monster thing. Yes, I know that by the time we can do this kind of shit it'll all be digital recording devices, and the VCR tracking shit might not fly, but it looks so fucking cool! And yes, I also know the Japanese doesn't match the chunky VCR type, but it looks like a model box from Japan and I dig that shit.

So it's an alternate timeline, somewhere in 'future eighties Japan' and this poor shy smart orphan girl is continuing her dead mothers work to re-start her dead fathers brain, but things go sideways. BOOM!

Anime is pretty easy to write.

Hope shit is real!

Your dear long lost friend;

Serial Experiments Douglas

Friday, December 11, 2015


Dude, Neill, what up mutha fucks? Here's a bitching concept from a game that will probably not be releasing anytime soon. Such a bummer. I fucking loved this thing. Such is life.

The original style was pretty surreal, but fun. Kind of dark, but not violent. I dug it. It lasted a few weeks. It still was pretty original, but not quite what it originally was.

So this dude was lovingly referred to as 'whispernut' in the office. It was someone else's name from before. So we could never use it, but it always cracked me up.

Anyway, not much to say. Just posting art and lamenting about projects that have died. At least I can share shit from this one!

Peace out!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015


NEILL! How's it going? I know you think I abandoned you, but I have not. I've just been ridiculously busy. Oddly enough, with work that I've gotten from this blog! People still visit this, and I appreciate all four of you.

I have some old arts that I'll start posting here, I realized I don't have to show new shit, just art. It's new to someone right?

Anywho, here's an older Mothra piece. Unsanctioned, never planned on by any studio. I fucking love Mothra, I honestly think there's legit potential there for a PG-13 sort of dark but still kind of family friendly flick. Like Willow.

So there's a bit when Mothra hatches, and isn't so much the mindless larvae that's destroying shit, when he takes off from Hong Kong to fight another kaiju beasty in Japan. So Mothra goes cruising past all the UN jets that were just firing on it as a larvae earlier, but it's so fucking fast that it leaves the jets behind. NO OF COURSE THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, BUT IT'S A GIANT FUCKING MOTH. It's also a good dude now because of the twins.

Of course they're in it! Stop asking dumb questions.

Anyway, more to come in the next few days. Lets get blogs popular again! Maybe I'll start a TUMBLR, or are they no longer cool?

Have a good one!

Douglas 'Sparkle Wings' Williams

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Copley Visits Japan

Suuuup dood? I know, it's been forever. I think I'm like the last person who still uses a blog that is under 89.

This is an old five minute sketch. It's when Sharlto visited Japan. I kiiiid, we all know he's super short.

I used to have this idea, back when I was a kid, about this second world of monsters and shit. Like we inhabited the same space, but different versions, and in the mist you could see them better, but like only in the corner of your eye. Kids would be better at seeing them. If you turned quick enough you could catch glimpses of them.

The main deal though, they were as freaked out of us as we were of them. It was a more gentle kid friendly story. So like evil dudes are trying to rule over a bunch of shit and pulling these worlds together and a group of kids and monsters have to stop them.

I think I saw a early shitty dub of Yokai Monsters or something that made me want to make this. Anyway, I was looking at this pic of Japan, and stuck a quick giant in there.

That's a lot more typing that a five minute pic deserves.

Doug 'like to type' Williams

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Dude, I fucking loved this movie. The thing is, not only did I love it, everyone I know did too. They at least liked it, and had a good time. These are no bullshit fella's and gals too, people who were more than happy to be harsh about anything else I worked on.

Anybody who is not Neill; go and see this film. It's a fun, gritty, insanely fun action film that has heart. So these pieces today were quick ideas for a different marketing campaign. Well for a different internet marketing campaign. I thought the print stuff was fantastic, but the internet and social media stuff All this: OBJECTIVE 000100 SAVE MANKIND 001001 Stuff was not the flick.

So I was fucking around with some of the bigger themes of the flick. Like family, nature vs nurture and the spiritual side of the film. Plus I wanted to bring in some of that ZEF wild action into the pieces. This flick had color, both in tone and on set style.

I have a hard time saying this, but I think I like CHAPPiE more than D-9.'s neck and neck. I think it's easily more watchable.

So feel free to grab these posters, print them, re-tweet or blog them, put them in your portfolio; I don't care-just get them out everywhere.

All that being said; rad shit. I fucking loved it. To any one reading this...


If you hate it, Sharlto Copley will refund you money. Not really.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I was off...

By juuuuuuuust a little bit. Jeebus, I've been doing this blog a long time.

Man, this week! Holy fucking rad!

Doug 'so excited he's like a dog that has to pee' Williams

Monday, March 2, 2015


Dude. I've been so fucking busy, and this is a huge week for you. I even had to scrounge and unfinished sketch to use as art...which use to be the norm? Anyway, doesn't fucking matter.

Dude, three things this post, one; Elysium.

Dude, I heard you been saying shit about this flick. One of the few non-property based original sci-fi films to release in years; it was rad. The design work alone was worth it, but I thought it was a fun story too. 

Maybe people had to see it more than once. I loved it at first viewing, but enjoyed it more each time I saw it. Watched it recently in 4k. It's fucking glorious.

So, for the first, and probably last time; I'm disagreeing with you. Shit was rad.

Plus, Shirtless Copley grilling scene was fucking iconic. 

Thing number two; Chappie.

Dude, holy shits, I can't wait to see this. I fucking love everything I've seen. I've even watched the clips I'm so excited. I usually hide from those, but couldn't this time. I love the art direction of the gangsters lair. So fucking ZEF.

The above image has sort of become that iconic shot, but it's even better in motion.

Angels singing....Whaaaa...

Okay, now third is Powers.

Dude, I had no idea this was even coming out. Copley will be perfect for it. Man, see, this is how you pimp out your entertainment download service. Unique content that isn't already part of you catalog.  March 10th, fucking Copley is going to have an even wilder week than you. 

All my PLAMNB fans; pimp the shit out of Chappie and Powers. My thanks in advance to the 6 of you.

I'm not even touching the ALIEN shit until after Chappie, but congrats.

Doug "So proud of my lil' pumpkin' Williams

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tick Tock...

Dude, look how fucking badass this poster is! Fucking look at Dev Patel's tie; look at it!!! Fucker is about to punch another fucker out.

Man, I'm so excited for this flick. I'm so excited, I'm going to do something I usually don't do on here, and be truthful for a second. Dude, I love Copley. I think he's a tremendous actor, and the two of you bring out the best in each other. I made that whole joke about him being tall. It's a funny gag, people giggle. To all the fans of this blog, it's not true.

Copley is crazy short.

I mean look at this recent photo.

He's like Sylvester Stallone short. man, anyway, I feel bad about all the tall jokes. He does have an impressive stature on screen, especially for being so goddamned tiny.

Can't wait.

Douglas 'COPLEYFAN_69' Williams

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Neill! Sup' yo? Dude, I saw the Chappie trailer during Seahawks game. So fucking rad.

Man, moose is a fucking beast. The design on it is soooo good. I imagine it must have been weird scaling down Copley to look small when he fights it as Chappie. In real like he'd just knock it over. Or like accidentally step on it. Because he's a giant.

Da' spot!

So fucking good!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Holy bomb dropping! Da' fuq, bro? You posting Alien art, maaaaan! Like a nut punch to anyone who loved the series. Hicks? Ripley? Fucking count us in. say ,"NAH, JUST KIDDIN'." Dude, that shit is cold hearted. I guess when you're a baller, that's how it goes. Reel us in, then knock us the fuck down. Lesson learned. The work was rad though. I especially liked these images:

Dude, look at this shit! Fucking masterful. I can see why you don't use me.
I mean look at this. Incredible.

What the what? Could you get anymore rad? No. You can't.
It's too perfect and gross. Notice the description of the egg?
It's like H.R. Giger's original vaginal opening that the studio had him change.
Someone must really love Alien to try and preserve that design.

So this shit is rad. I was like, 'Why Neill, why abandon this?' Then it hit me; you haven't. It's a trick.
Sigourney Weaver is in Chappie. Hugh Jackman is rocking a mullet straight from 1986 (the year Aliens came out). Then there's a't fucking matter. It works better in my head.

Dude, Chappie IS the next Alien film. In fact, if I'm right, post nothing in the comments section of this blog. Like just be silent. Say.....nothing.

Hey, do people still blog? I fell like we should be tumbling or something. This shit's like an antique or something. Internet antique.

Corp. Douglas Dwayne Hicksilliams

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Been gone awhile....

 Neill, dude...I'm sorry. I've been missing, and during a totes important time too. The fucking Chappie trailer came out, and I was gone. Like what the fuck, right? 
Man, I do have a reason, well a couple. One, which is below, is that I've been slammed ADing on three projects. All fun projects, but lots of late evenings and full days. 
The second, is I had a spy on Chappie and was waiting for his photo's to get to me for this post. I finally got the photo's and will share them in a few posts. I can't tell you who it was, but for this article we'll call him; Blue Slackman.

So anyway, this is a fav of batch of them for me, because they tell a story. As a side note, I love seeing Copley's dedication to wearing that robot suit. Is it true her removed his midsection for the part? That shit is dedication.

I heard that Copley is way easy to work with. He has a few simple requests; the main one being his trailer must be filled with teen magazines. Dude loves himself some Lautner.

 Tiger Beat is his reported fav!

So, Lou Hackman told me that there was a day that Copley was supposed to do his mimicking He-Man sword scene. He was very insistent on using a real sword to get the weight right, and then removing it in post. Dude, this is all secondhand, so maybe none of it is true.
You can see your apprehension in handing him the sword. Don't blame you!
But Hue Jahquesman said that Copley had the thing in his hand for two minutes before he was swinging that shit around like a two year old monkey and you had to take it away. So Hugh  then said you scrounged through Copley's trailer and found some 'sword' substitutes.
Careful dude, Copley looks ready to dong you in the head!
Copley was bugged, but like a pro continued on. A fucking pro. I can't wait for this movie, dude.
So this is the shit I've been working on. A mobile game called Moonrise, State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (dude, the first sold over 2 million copies), and a secret project. Plus some personal shit. So been nuts, but shit is good.
 Moonrise is the shit. You'll fucking see.

 Ha ha ha, lookit' that big fucker explode! State of Decay is going to be all shiny and shit in YOSE!

 They made a skin pack for Minecraft out of our SoD characters. My kids are finally proud of me.

 Can't wait for Chappie! I'll post more set reports from my secret mullet sporting spy.
Douglas Deepthroat

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


YESSSSS! Fucking, finally! Dude. I'm loving what I'm seeing, I wish i could see more. Like, this is the raddest teaser image ever, or so I thought until...


GAH! I can not wait to see this film. I'm digging everything I'm seeing here. EVERYTHING! I've like masturbated to these images six or seven...HUNDRED TIMES! Ah ha ha, I kid. It's only been like a dozen times.

Can't wait man!

Doug 'Sticky Kleenex' Williams

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Neeeeiiiiilllllll. Dude, how be shit? Things are good here. I got a little breathing room, and am making some of my own shit again. It's been nice.

This is a big world destroying Lovercraftian shrimp-a-ma-bobber dude. I actually have a whole story that takes place in this world. I think it's pretty cool, but see it as a movie. It would never get made. Which is too bad, because Copley would totally fit in that suit. 

I've heard rumors he's in the new Godzilla, as Godzilla. Like they just laid waste to a rubber tree forest and fabricated a suit for Sharlto. I think it's great. I love seeing him get work. Actually, and honestly, I really do. Even if he wasn't attached to you, I dig his work. You see Open Grave? It's fucking fantastic. Europa Report is also really well done. Dude is rocking it. I can't wait to see what fairy he plays in Sleeping Beauty.

Anyway, hope all is well.