Friday, December 11, 2015


Dude, Neill, what up mutha fucks? Here's a bitching concept from a game that will probably not be releasing anytime soon. Such a bummer. I fucking loved this thing. Such is life.

The original style was pretty surreal, but fun. Kind of dark, but not violent. I dug it. It lasted a few weeks. It still was pretty original, but not quite what it originally was.

So this dude was lovingly referred to as 'whispernut' in the office. It was someone else's name from before. So we could never use it, but it always cracked me up.

Anyway, not much to say. Just posting art and lamenting about projects that have died. At least I can share shit from this one!

Peace out!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015


NEILL! How's it going? I know you think I abandoned you, but I have not. I've just been ridiculously busy. Oddly enough, with work that I've gotten from this blog! People still visit this, and I appreciate all four of you.

I have some old arts that I'll start posting here, I realized I don't have to show new shit, just art. It's new to someone right?

Anywho, here's an older Mothra piece. Unsanctioned, never planned on by any studio. I fucking love Mothra, I honestly think there's legit potential there for a PG-13 sort of dark but still kind of family friendly flick. Like Willow.

So there's a bit when Mothra hatches, and isn't so much the mindless larvae that's destroying shit, when he takes off from Hong Kong to fight another kaiju beasty in Japan. So Mothra goes cruising past all the UN jets that were just firing on it as a larvae earlier, but it's so fucking fast that it leaves the jets behind. NO OF COURSE THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, BUT IT'S A GIANT FUCKING MOTH. It's also a good dude now because of the twins.

Of course they're in it! Stop asking dumb questions.

Anyway, more to come in the next few days. Lets get blogs popular again! Maybe I'll start a TUMBLR, or are they no longer cool?

Have a good one!

Douglas 'Sparkle Wings' Williams

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Copley Visits Japan

Suuuup dood? I know, it's been forever. I think I'm like the last person who still uses a blog that is under 89.

This is an old five minute sketch. It's when Sharlto visited Japan. I kiiiid, we all know he's super short.

I used to have this idea, back when I was a kid, about this second world of monsters and shit. Like we inhabited the same space, but different versions, and in the mist you could see them better, but like only in the corner of your eye. Kids would be better at seeing them. If you turned quick enough you could catch glimpses of them.

The main deal though, they were as freaked out of us as we were of them. It was a more gentle kid friendly story. So like evil dudes are trying to rule over a bunch of shit and pulling these worlds together and a group of kids and monsters have to stop them.

I think I saw a early shitty dub of Yokai Monsters or something that made me want to make this. Anyway, I was looking at this pic of Japan, and stuck a quick giant in there.

That's a lot more typing that a five minute pic deserves.

Doug 'like to type' Williams

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Dude, I fucking loved this movie. The thing is, not only did I love it, everyone I know did too. They at least liked it, and had a good time. These are no bullshit fella's and gals too, people who were more than happy to be harsh about anything else I worked on.

Anybody who is not Neill; go and see this film. It's a fun, gritty, insanely fun action film that has heart. So these pieces today were quick ideas for a different marketing campaign. Well for a different internet marketing campaign. I thought the print stuff was fantastic, but the internet and social media stuff All this: OBJECTIVE 000100 SAVE MANKIND 001001 Stuff was not the flick.

So I was fucking around with some of the bigger themes of the flick. Like family, nature vs nurture and the spiritual side of the film. Plus I wanted to bring in some of that ZEF wild action into the pieces. This flick had color, both in tone and on set style.

I have a hard time saying this, but I think I like CHAPPiE more than D-9.'s neck and neck. I think it's easily more watchable.

So feel free to grab these posters, print them, re-tweet or blog them, put them in your portfolio; I don't care-just get them out everywhere.

All that being said; rad shit. I fucking loved it. To any one reading this...


If you hate it, Sharlto Copley will refund you money. Not really.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I was off...

By juuuuuuuust a little bit. Jeebus, I've been doing this blog a long time.

Man, this week! Holy fucking rad!

Doug 'so excited he's like a dog that has to pee' Williams

Monday, March 2, 2015


Dude. I've been so fucking busy, and this is a huge week for you. I even had to scrounge and unfinished sketch to use as art...which use to be the norm? Anyway, doesn't fucking matter.

Dude, three things this post, one; Elysium.

Dude, I heard you been saying shit about this flick. One of the few non-property based original sci-fi films to release in years; it was rad. The design work alone was worth it, but I thought it was a fun story too. 

Maybe people had to see it more than once. I loved it at first viewing, but enjoyed it more each time I saw it. Watched it recently in 4k. It's fucking glorious.

So, for the first, and probably last time; I'm disagreeing with you. Shit was rad.

Plus, Shirtless Copley grilling scene was fucking iconic. 

Thing number two; Chappie.

Dude, holy shits, I can't wait to see this. I fucking love everything I've seen. I've even watched the clips I'm so excited. I usually hide from those, but couldn't this time. I love the art direction of the gangsters lair. So fucking ZEF.

The above image has sort of become that iconic shot, but it's even better in motion.

Angels singing....Whaaaa...

Okay, now third is Powers.

Dude, I had no idea this was even coming out. Copley will be perfect for it. Man, see, this is how you pimp out your entertainment download service. Unique content that isn't already part of you catalog.  March 10th, fucking Copley is going to have an even wilder week than you. 

All my PLAMNB fans; pimp the shit out of Chappie and Powers. My thanks in advance to the 6 of you.

I'm not even touching the ALIEN shit until after Chappie, but congrats.

Doug "So proud of my lil' pumpkin' Williams

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tick Tock...

Dude, look how fucking badass this poster is! Fucking look at Dev Patel's tie; look at it!!! Fucker is about to punch another fucker out.

Man, I'm so excited for this flick. I'm so excited, I'm going to do something I usually don't do on here, and be truthful for a second. Dude, I love Copley. I think he's a tremendous actor, and the two of you bring out the best in each other. I made that whole joke about him being tall. It's a funny gag, people giggle. To all the fans of this blog, it's not true.

Copley is crazy short.

I mean look at this recent photo.

He's like Sylvester Stallone short. man, anyway, I feel bad about all the tall jokes. He does have an impressive stature on screen, especially for being so goddamned tiny.

Can't wait.

Douglas 'COPLEYFAN_69' Williams

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Neill! Sup' yo? Dude, I saw the Chappie trailer during Seahawks game. So fucking rad.

Man, moose is a fucking beast. The design on it is soooo good. I imagine it must have been weird scaling down Copley to look small when he fights it as Chappie. In real like he'd just knock it over. Or like accidentally step on it. Because he's a giant.

Da' spot!

So fucking good!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Holy bomb dropping! Da' fuq, bro? You posting Alien art, maaaaan! Like a nut punch to anyone who loved the series. Hicks? Ripley? Fucking count us in. say ,"NAH, JUST KIDDIN'." Dude, that shit is cold hearted. I guess when you're a baller, that's how it goes. Reel us in, then knock us the fuck down. Lesson learned. The work was rad though. I especially liked these images:

Dude, look at this shit! Fucking masterful. I can see why you don't use me.
I mean look at this. Incredible.

What the what? Could you get anymore rad? No. You can't.
It's too perfect and gross. Notice the description of the egg?
It's like H.R. Giger's original vaginal opening that the studio had him change.
Someone must really love Alien to try and preserve that design.

So this shit is rad. I was like, 'Why Neill, why abandon this?' Then it hit me; you haven't. It's a trick.
Sigourney Weaver is in Chappie. Hugh Jackman is rocking a mullet straight from 1986 (the year Aliens came out). Then there's a't fucking matter. It works better in my head.

Dude, Chappie IS the next Alien film. In fact, if I'm right, post nothing in the comments section of this blog. Like just be silent. Say.....nothing.

Hey, do people still blog? I fell like we should be tumbling or something. This shit's like an antique or something. Internet antique.

Corp. Douglas Dwayne Hicksilliams