Friday, October 29, 2010


Take that Jurassic Park! No, but seriously Neill, look at what you can do with free shit now. I mean, it's my first ....thing, and it's not so great, and it was made in forty minutes; but imagine how happy those guys would have been in 93 to have this tech. Crazy.

So yeah, this was made in Sculptris, a free program put out by PixelLogic. I was just messing around and made this vagina mouthed bugger. That v-flap usually would cover it's fleshy hole mouth spot. Freud is totally right; sometimes a vagina mouth is just a vagina mouth. The messed up part about the internet is that there's probably someone, somewhere, fapping to this image. To that person....


Now that I'm getting how to use the program a bit better, maybe I'll tackle something a little cooler. An Edler One from Lovecraft? Maybe. A Prawn from district 9? No, that would be fucking crazy. Way to detailed.

Anyway, have a Happy Halloween PleaseLookAtMeNeillBlmkampBlogReaders.

Doug "Fat Jack Skellington" Williams

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time Warp new worky work. I KNOW! I swear shit is coming, I've just been so busy. Soon I swear. I know that this blog is your main inspiration, and it makes you sad that I'm not posting as much, but I still love you. I swear. Sure, Del Toro and I had a little fling, but it meant nothing (Guillermo, it's not true, but shhhhhhh).

So I thought, let's go back....back in time!

This shit is from around 2004. I was just beginning to make digital art. Everything up until now was primarily pencil, marker and pen. Let's take a looksee...

What's Evangelion? I have no idea what you're talking about. This was when I first began lunch drawing. It's also when I packed on a lot of weight. I see no correlation.

Rar! I'm a monster! Basically at this stage I was still still drawing...but in Painter (8 I think). More lunchy work, I think I sat at my desk and at a Red Robin burger. Oh, yeah, A.Net would pick us up fast food for lunch. Hand deliver Fatburgers (It's a chain) to our desks. Lost a notch on my belt that year.

I love Hellboy. I've been reading it since I was in art school. What's crazy is how much grief the guy at the comic shop gave me for liking it. Well, now his shop is gone and Hellboy has 2 films. Way to call that one asshole. Wow, brilliant use of font on this one. Maybe I should go into graphic design. Why not use courier? I might as well have used comic sans. Or papyrus (Really, Avatar? Really?).

Wha...? Where'd the lines go. Ah, now I'm trying to paint...and apparently using a roll of lifesavers for a color palette. Jesus; this deserves to be on the side of a kickass Chevy van.

GAH!!! SHIELDS! SHIIIIIIIEEEEELLLLLLDS! (That was Sulu from XI). Good grief. Can that get more saturated? Sorry for all the monitors I burned out with this one. I still like the idea of the state trying to raise a new god with their own ideals (Since that's what basically ends up happening. Guess what, eating pork is also an 'abomination' in the Bible. So have fun eating your bacon in hell.). What? Too political? Meh.

The Inhumanoids! Kickass 80's toys with the old Dougbot update. Still way to bright, but sort of fits the originals. Those toys were so effing cool. The big difference between me as a kid buyinh Inhumanoids and now? My most recent toy cost me 600 bucks. Nerd horns!

Know what this dude is saying? "BACON PLEASE!"

Guess why I drew this 'abomination'? Oh, a little flick called Tetra Vaal. I watched it and suddenly wanted to draw sci-fi. Apparently bad sci-fi. Why would that need a human face? What was I thinking? No, really, I don't remember. Usually my art always has a story behind it in my head. A little movie. This movie must have been straight to brain video.

The Prospector. So this was a contest, and I had "Space Miner". My good buddies Kekai Kotaki and Billy Wardlaw pitched me a ton of shit for my lame sketch of a robot thing with a pick-axe like arm. So I changed the image and made this, just to spite them. Yep, I will make art out of spite. Oh, and I won the frakkin' contest.

My first piece of card art. ARE YOU LOOKING GUILLERMO?!? Ahem. It was for a Cthulhu game. also doesn't have an intense use of the glow brush....I must have been learning.

This is my most favorite monster ever. The theme was 'Japan's Worst Monster'. I came up with, THE DINGLEBERRY. It's supposed to look like an old Kaiju puppet. Now the glow brush is regulated to just the eyes. Wow...finally, after 24 blind people, I stopped using the glow brush on everything. I emerge from the wilderness, a man.

Well, that's it. A little trip down memory lane.

Doug McFly

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stabby stabby

Neill! Well fuck. So my ultimate dream was me and you working on shit, before you're really working on shit. Like you'd call and be all, "Hey I gots this idea about monkey men from mars..." and the I'd be all, "Shit dude, I love me some martian monkeys. Let me draw some up." Then you'd take the images and pitch to studios. It would be perfect, because I love the Northwest, and don't really ever want to move south. But I also really want to work on films. So you being up in Vancouver is perfect. Not only because your aquarium has beluga whales, but that shit is a few hours away! So me and you drinking Mai Thais and designing shit on napkins to be rendered at my home; that was the dream. But, fuck it all, that ain't ever happening. Is it?

See, I received my copy of The Art of District 9, and in it is not only art from all the talented Weta kids, but plenty of NB sketches and and Lightwave renders (Lightwave, really? Maybe it's changed; I have not touched it since 98.). So basically this whole blog is....useless.

So let's get this straight; you write, direct, concept and make 3-d versions of your sketches that are film quality. Rad.

Sucks for me, but you are fucking ridiculously talented. Seriously.

Goodnight everybody!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Neill dog, 'sup homefries? Hopefully things are going well man. My guess is that you're busy as shit, which is why you didn't come to Portland with me. I swear I'm not some obsessed freakboy fan. I would only ask you to put lotion on its skin like once a day, and the pit is cozy. There's a couch.

So here's another work piece, I promise new home shit soon, but I'm wrapping up a mega long project, and finally making meaningful headway on it. No, I can't tell you what it is. All I can say is....I'm the new director of The Hobbit, and Bilbo will be played by Sean Penn. Actually, that's not true. I will have some work on TV though!

I'm going to have some zombie work featured in The Truth About Zombies on the National Geographic channel. Some personal work from this blog actually, and some from Undead Labs. Anyways, things are pretty fucking cool right now. Lots in the pipe.

See you in Hollywoodland.

Doug "the arms are supposed to be long" Williams

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dude, Neill, I fucking hate that vampire drawing I did. It's effing awful. Just saying.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Wild 'effing times, man.

Hey Neill! Check out EGM number 241.0 for my pic and some art by me! Oh, also some stuff about the game we're making. We're the First Look At Undead Labs Zombie MMo on the cover! Pretty cool shit dude.

I know you already no this, but Guillermo del Toro is the fucking man. Seriously. I thought the talk would be fun, but shit dude, not inspiring. He really has a passion that motivates people around him. My buddies who came down with me walked away impressed (We're all jaded game fuckers. Dude, that shit is not easily impressed). Even my little brother, how can critique a free blowjob, walked away inspired.

Did I give him my art book? Yes, yes I did.

Dude, Neill, it was crazy. So like, Guillermo had just plunged his hand into the chest of the person asking questions right in front of me. With a sharp, and quick twist he removed the questioners still beating heart. The guy slumped down face first on the ground. Two men, clad in black arrived from either side of GDT's throne and dragged the sloppy carcass away. Then it was my turn.

Well, you know me, I'm fucking all confident and shit. Nothing makes me nervous. So there I am, at the mic, and I can feel my heart in my throat. I was sort of freaking out, in a major way. I used my shaolin breathing techniques I learned while hunting ninja and calmed my physical body down, but inside I was scared. I looked Guillermo in the eyes. His stared back into mine....steely, cold, ancient. I continued to stare, daring not to provoke him, relaxing even my jaw; knowing anything could set him off. Small crows feet appeared at the edges of his eyes, and he began to smirk. I knew I was dead, he could sense it. Deep down he could feel my inner soul quivering.

Finally I said, "You already have my heart, but I'd also like to offer you this book of art." Guillermo smiled and belted out, "Good answer! Good fucking answer, HA!" I walked up and handed him my book, and the rest is history.

Well....that's not exactly how it happened...I might have stumbled my words up.....a bit.....and been a know....something like the below.....sigh.

Fuck...I really need to get in shape, and do I really walk like that?

Special thanks to Dan the man, who drove us all over Portland and captured all my insecurities and posted them on Youtube for me.

Douglas Del Toro the 3rd