Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Da Day Job

Sup Neill? Well, here's two years of my life. This is the game I've been art directing. I'm pretty proud of these fuckers. It's pretty fun too! So I'm not just twiddling my thumbs here....waiting for a call....

Friday, August 3, 2012

Swamp Donkey

So...Neill, I gots a question. I had this passed along to me, and it's fucking great. I love mixing this creepy creature shit with humor. I love the creature design. I love these characters. I feel like I knew these guys when I lived in Port Angeles (fuck you Twilight), I know exactly what that guys hair looks like under that hat. And the thing is, these guys are crude, crazy muther fuckers; but they're actually pretty good guys when you get to know them. Fun to drink with! Shit, the question; so man, did you do this?

Because, my buddy Rex sure as shit noticed the similarities between this and your AGM Heartland teaser from Wired awhile ago.

Am I a fucking code breaker? Shut your mouth Rex, you didn't figure out shit. You're a fucking dick Rex. Ok, so Rex might have figured out some similarities, but I have the blog, so I fucking get to say I found this shit. Rex is a little dicked fucker. Gawdammit Rex...he's grabbing a ruler and pulling his pants down...dammit. Rex, you're an asshat.

Anyway, these are both fucking cool, I'm guessing they're linked, but are they? If they're not, someone's apeing you, but really well. What do you crazy followers of this blog think? Should Neill come forward, remove his skin like those old guys from Cocoon, and tell us if he made these? Or should we just basked in his glowy alien light? Wait, this blog has followers? Who are you people? What's wrong with you?


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