Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What the shit Neill, why did you let me do this? I'm sick, sick, Neill. I spent like three hours total on this, and it's not very good. I have actual work to do. REAL WORK THAT PAYS, and I'm drawing this?

You know who I should really blame in all this though, Ridley. Ridley Scott. I didn't want a prequel, and when I saw those EW magazine shots, I thought I was probably right. But then, shitty mini trailer, and poof. I can't wait. I should have known. I always do this. I thought Finding Nemo looked dumb too, and it's possibly Pixar's best.

So there you go Ridley, I admit it, like Odysseus to Poseidon, I was wrong. So very, very wrong.'s filming going?


Prometheus in my brain...

Neill....what is wrong with me. I'm getting close to forty, I'm an old man. Yet here I am, a ghost of a movie trailer, that was horrible shitty quality, and all I can do is think about it. last night, I should have been working on something else, but you know what I did? Fan art.

Fucking fan art.

I had just finished work working. I should have been sleeping. I should have been writing my scripts. I should have been brushing up my portfolio. I should have finished my painting for Simon (Simon, it's looking great). Instead, I drew fan art...for a trailer that was recorded off of a computer screen...with a shaky cell phone.

I didn't even have time to finish it!

I am a twelve year old boy in a thirty, how old am I?


Monday, November 28, 2011


Uh, so Neill, remember all my alien prequel bitching and how we I didn't think we needed one?

Fuck. All. That. Fuck it all. I'm an idiot.

I cannot wait to see this flick.

Even in that shitty quality, it's intense.

Born again Ridley believer.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Who are you?

Hey Neill, I'll have more posts and art soon, I've just been swamped. So Neill, I occasionally check my sitemeter to see where people are coming from who check this site. It's crazy dude, from all over the world. All....over.

Sometimes people find the site by accident, and I can see their search words that they used to find it.

Today I saw these search words from some guy or gal in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia:

cocoon cast wilford brimley pictures

Whoever you are, I think we could be best friends.


Shit....Brimley is in better shape than I am.