Monday, December 10, 2012

The longest pre production cycle ever...

Dude, Neill. You know what's hard? Trying to find time to make a movie while supporting/having a family. This shit is taking forever. Not to mention I have a budget of about twelve dollars. So...this is going to turn out rad.


So this is the arm. Latex, toilet paper, and a dish glove. need to add the hair and then chuck it up with blood and meaty chucks.

Getting there. I really that fat?


Monday, November 19, 2012

Painty painty

Neill, I have a confession. My last post...was a joke post. It wasn't real. Not like most of these.

So I baked and painted that thing from the last post. Sort of a test piece, and that shit worked. Not great, but for what I'm going to need it for, it will work.

Hope shit is good. OH! I just read about Robocop being pushed, and Elysium filling the summer spot (cut me some slack, I been busy). I hope this is a good thing for you, but fuck if I'm not getting frustrated with this new Robocop. Still, I really like the director, love the actor, and have a passion for Robocop (I named my ninth son OCP), so hopefully it all comes together.

Anywayz...poo poo pa doo.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lovecraftian Dinner

Dude, Neill. Halloween time is the best time to hunt Manufagen's. Good grief they're delicious. My daughter caught the one above.

A lot of people like to fry them, but I think you miss out on the earthy flavor these guys produce when you do that. I like to cover them in olive oil, bake them at 350 for an hour, and then lightly season them. So good. As a side dish, mashed potatoes and peas, mother fucker!

Wonderfulness. The season's almost over, I know that they have some good hunting grounds up in BC, I suggest you take a break from Elysium and get yourself some.

Happy Hunting!

HP Douglas Williams

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Payin' da Billz!

Dude, Neill, how's shit? Been loco crazy busy on my end. But things are coming together. I figure I'd run through some of my work I can show, there's a lot I can't!

So numero uno, the above image is featured in TRIUMPH by Greg Broadmore. It is fucking awesome. It might be my favorite book he's put out. I highly recommend picking it up. I wasn't gogin to show the whole image, but Christian Pearce did, and even though he's my competition for being Greg's best friend (Don't worry, Greg will be my second best friend. You're my first.), he's an amazing artist and all around nice guy (Also, he's a slut. That may or may not be true. I actually have no idea).

Line art by Guy Davis. Colors by sexy Doug, that's me.

Another project I worked on was a motion comic for the Terra Nova dvd. Javier Soto directed it, it's the second project I've worked on with him, and it was great. he's a super cool guy. Which reminds me, I only colored it, Guy Davis did all the line art. It was a pretty intense project with a short deadline. Not many of those in this industry...heh...he...he...HA HA HA! Honestly, that's every project.

I also worked with Javier on The Great Calamity, which will be featured on the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Blu-Ray. It's super cool, and was another fun project to work on. Javier chose a super cool animated style to render it in, and I actually like the tone of it more than the actual film (Which I enjoyed). You can read a little about Javier's flick HERE.

 There was some other things outside my day job that I can not talk about. Secret shit. Mayan calendar and all that. Illuminaughty shit. Naughty.

Then, there's the day gig. We're getting really close to an end here. I'm excited and terrified. Oh! We're selling shirts. Buy some.

Oh shit! Did I tell you how PAX went? It went really fucking well. You can see my big fat sausage mitts in this video.

Oh...and then there my ever fucking unending preproduction movie. Man...making movies by yourself is hard. the arm is working pretty well now though, and I'm piecing together how to make some silicone wounds. The lazy goth girl I was going to hire to make my twenty silicone hands disappeared though, and no, I didn't kill her. So...that sucks.

Here's the arm from a few weeks ago.

So that's shit dude. Can't wait until March to see Elysium. We're getting close, man! Real fucking close! So excited.

Hope you have a fan-fucking-tastic day.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dickin' Around

Man-o-man, Neill. Been pretty great lately. Like really fucking great. Crazy busy, but good stuff. I've worked on a couple side projects that are coming out soon, PAX went off without a hitch, my first tests with silicone are coming out great, my latex bug arm is working well, and I helped my daughter finish her Pinewood Derby car.

I'll give a more detailed write up latez. Hope shit is well, man.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Google. What happened? You used to be so...steady. New, exciting, trustworthy. I mean it's a free service, so I feel bad complaining, but trying to make me start a new blogger profile when I'm just trying to sign in to my blog...that I've had...for years (which is sad in it's own right). Weirdness. Hopefully by the end of this post I'll be able to add a post title, since right now you've decided I can't.

Anywho, NEILL! What's up? Been pretty dark lately. No news 'bout nothing.

Well, I got some, I'm finally trying to make my movie...s again.  Hopefully for more than a few days this time. Anyway, one of the two flicks I want to make has this weird thing in it. I was looking for pig ref and came across some of Jenny Saville's images. I forget sometimes how much I love her work. So gawddamned good.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get something together soon to show people.

Sorry, for the shitty, boring post. Been crazy lately.



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Da Day Job

Sup Neill? Well, here's two years of my life. This is the game I've been art directing. I'm pretty proud of these fuckers. It's pretty fun too! So I'm not just twiddling my thumbs here....waiting for a call....

Friday, August 3, 2012

Swamp Donkey

So...Neill, I gots a question. I had this passed along to me, and it's fucking great. I love mixing this creepy creature shit with humor. I love the creature design. I love these characters. I feel like I knew these guys when I lived in Port Angeles (fuck you Twilight), I know exactly what that guys hair looks like under that hat. And the thing is, these guys are crude, crazy muther fuckers; but they're actually pretty good guys when you get to know them. Fun to drink with! Shit, the question; so man, did you do this?

Because, my buddy Rex sure as shit noticed the similarities between this and your AGM Heartland teaser from Wired awhile ago.

Am I a fucking code breaker? Shut your mouth Rex, you didn't figure out shit. You're a fucking dick Rex. Ok, so Rex might have figured out some similarities, but I have the blog, so I fucking get to say I found this shit. Rex is a little dicked fucker. Gawdammit Rex...he's grabbing a ruler and pulling his pants down...dammit. Rex, you're an asshat.

Anyway, these are both fucking cool, I'm guessing they're linked, but are they? If they're not, someone's apeing you, but really well. What do you crazy followers of this blog think? Should Neill come forward, remove his skin like those old guys from Cocoon, and tell us if he made these? Or should we just basked in his glowy alien light? Wait, this blog has followers? Who are you people? What's wrong with you?


Sherlock Douglas John  Holmes III

Friday, July 13, 2012

One Eye Willy

Man, Neill, Elysium looks fucking sick. I love the style of the station, I like the ships, I love everything I've seen. I can't wait to see more.

Here's a super quick alien. I like drawing more than I like doing ZBrush. But I totally get why this is becoming more and more of the process. I might have spent around an hour and a half on this. Imagine a shitty director with no vision looking at this thing. "It looks 3-D!" I bet that's what they would say, and you would have to bite your tongue and nod.

Anyway, fun shit.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Fermi Artifact

Neeeeiiiiiiilllllllll, sup dude. Holy shit, big week for you! I'm seeing tons of Elysium images from SDCC. Fuck, I wish I was there. Everything I'm seeing screams epic. Can't wait, man, I just can't fawking wait!

Anyway, here's a little alien skull I banged out in Z-Brush. I'm just beginning to learn the program. Dude, it's one of the most amazing, powerful programs I've ever used. it's also one of the most UN-intuitive programs I've ever used. Although, maybe it's not, maybe I'm just used to how other programs all ape each others layouts for a visual language of say, things like where and how to save.

Anyway, this was a skull found on the dark side of the moon near the Fermi crater. Did you know that we never stopped moon missions, until the eighties? It's true! We continued to find odd and strange artifacts the whole time, but then something happened...and for whatever reason, we stopped.

Or I was dicking around in Z-Brush and made this thing.  Either way.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

E L Y S I U M dick is hard.

Doulgascannotwait Williams

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sumerian Space Jockey

What the shit Neill? Did you dig Prometheus, or not? It's rude not to respond. You're not rude are you?

Well, I decided to fuck around last night and make a Space Jockey of my own. I decided to follow Giger's original a little more closely than the film look, but still keep Scott's 'it's only a space suit' idea. Although, in my mind, that hose will always be a trunk. Like my wiener. I also threw in some Sumerian head shape in there (the head wrapping).

So readers, did you guys dig Prometheus? Do you think this concept is cool? Do hotdogs taste better in the summer? Are you rude and don't feel like responding? Answer all these questions below.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sculptris part duex...duo...doo...?

Sup Neill. You see Prometheus? What'd you think? I be tha' curious.

Anyway, sooper quick post. Fucking around in Sculptris again. Probably spent around an hour and a half on this. Maybe less.

I can see why people dig this shit, but for some reason everything ends up sort of looking the same. Not sure why. But it leaves for pretty boring creature design lately (imo). Although, D-9 didn't suffer from that, maybe it's a straight to digital thing. Who knows.

At any rate, this is the future of concept design. I remember picking up the Episode 2 art book and seeing guys like Ryan Church and Dermot Power doing amazing quick digital concepts. i knew that was where things were going and didn't want to get left behind (I was all markers at the time). Now I'm a little behind the curve, but I'll catch up.

I sort of like this alien though, something alluring about the mouth....something....


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A call to arms...uh...arm.

Neill, I know, it seems like I just don't care anymore. I do though, I fucking swear it! I've been crazy busy. Between the game. family and trying to get shit together for this movie, time has been short. Shooooooorrrrrt.

Anyway, here's where I'm at with the arm. Still really fucking early, but it's coming together right? Sort of?

I'm using liquid latex mixed with acrylic paint and cotton balls. High tech stuff. If Weta's interested I could teach them some things, like where to buy cotton balls.

Honestly though, by the time it's got the silicone, and slime and blood and is painted, I think this shit is going to be pretty dope.

Plus, even if the movie never happens, I've made one of the most elaborate sex toys ever.


Thursday, May 17, 2012


First off, let me apologize. I lead a lot of people to this blog by pretending that I had LEAKED PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART here. I do not. Fox is going to hold on to that shit tight, there's not going to be any LEAKED PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART until they release PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART.


I'm also sorry to you Neill, and all the nutjobs who read this awful blog (seriously, what's wrong with you?). Things have been super crazy at work, and I'm trying to get this short film I want to make actually started. Speaking off, check out these silicone fingers, shits looking decent, right? I bought them on the cheap, but plan on making a lot of my own stuff from here on out.

Willard Cochrane gave me some advice on making the insectoid arm. I think it's going to be pretty fucking cool. Who's Willard? Oh, just some guy who worked on some old Neill Blomkamp shorts; Alive in Joburg and Yellow. Mwu ha ha ha ha ha!

But seriously...time has been fucking short lately.

Sorry, I've been slacking.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Face Hugger...uh...Sucker

Yo' Neill. How goes it, man?

Hey, just making sure you and Guillermo know, I know you guys aren't lazy. I know these movies take time. I'm just impatient as shit. that being said, I think the less I know about these flicks the better. I wish I had not sucked up all that Prometheus imagery.  I think I know too much.

So I've decided to go on a PROMETHEUS media blackout. I mean, I'll watch the trailers I've seen, over and over, and I'll watch that wonderful David Commercial, but hat's it.

I think a new trailer is out, or coming out with the Avengers, but I isn't gonna' see it.  Still my mind wanders, and makes me wonder about things in the current media blitz I've already seen, and what they might be.

Also, whenever a new trailer comes out, I get a shit ton of hits looking for things like PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART, or OFFICIAL PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART. I always feel bad for people who are looking for that art and end up here. I wonder if there's anyway to make sure that they don't find this site when searching for REAL OFFICIAL PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART, or PROMETHEUS CONCEPTS REVEALED HERE. It would be awful if my site dragged people here looking for things like PROMETHEUS SECRETS REVEALED, or LEAKED PROMETHEUS ART, or PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART LEAKED BY RIDLEY SCOTT LOCATED HERE.

So, this is my quick goofy idea of what that thing in the trailer might be. It's definitely not OFFICIAL PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART.

Well, hope shit is good dude. Let me know if you find some OFFICIAL PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART on any sites, I'd love to see some.

Oh...right...the black out.


Have a good one;


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guillermo del Toro wraps!

Yo, Neill, so guess what? Guillermo del Toro just wrapped on shooting for Pacific Rim. So now there's two of you lazy fuckers. What? Is that wrong? Hey, how hard can this part be? Add some After Effects, record some sounds- BANGO PRESTO- you have a movie.

But you two are taking a whole year for 'finishing' your movies? But dude, we want to see these movies incredibly badly. It's fucking torture. TORTURE! I mean, come on, at least throw some concept art, or storyboards, or more viral shit out there. It's killing all of us geeks. We can't survive on Prometheus alone.

We depend on awesome big budget sci-fi to help keep us alive, and what are we getting? Battleship. Battleship? How is this a movie? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it will be amazing, but I'm having a hard time imagining it.

Here's how I imaging that movie plays out:

"Captain, we can't see them, we're firing blind!"

"Triangulate the last known positions of the aliens!"

"I'm guessing, but it's probably quadrant c-9!"


"Direct hit!"

"Good job, Rhianna."

Then the aliens fire back at fleet and blow up a battleship...

"The bastards! They sank my Battleship!"

...aaaaaaand scene.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe.

Hey, speaking of you and Guillermo, you both were up for that Halo flick. I heard rumors about Guillermo, and knew about you being attached to it. Let me just say, I'm glad neither of you tackled that franchise. I think both movies would have been great, but I think the other shit that has come out of that clusterfuck have been better. Guillermo is making...everything (Dreamworks animation ftw) and you went on to do District-9, which I really enjoyed.

I don't know if you knew that. That I liked District-9.  A lot.

Anyways, I know you two are working your asses off, and I honestly can't wait for these two films to come out.

Impatiently yours;

Duggle Butt.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garbage Bot

Sup, Neill? Why is there no Elysium news? What...the...shit?

It's driving me crazy, man. Like super crazy. At least the P R O M E T H E U S marketing onslaught is keeping me busy. That and hobo fighting. Hobo's are scrappy!

Anyway, here's a bot I plan on building for my flick. It'll be made of foam and bits, with a flashing blue light. It'll be basically a cover over a shitty rc car.

I hate the signage on it right now, but it gets the idea across. All that will change.

It's like a space Roomba!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crawling City...of death.

Just dicking around. You know Neill, I love sci-fi shit. I truly do. The hard part is thinking how things would really work in the real world. You do that, and sci-fi starts to suck.

Imagine this, a giant fucking city that crawls ever so slowly across the landscape. Now, it's a ghost town. A few random squatters, but for the most part; dead. Like a giant metal and concrete crustacean, rotting on a barren landscape.

Now think what it would take to make a city like that to move. And why the shit would you want it too? I mean, really. You would need a city of technicians just to make the walking city move. At the same time, who the fuck cares. It's sci-fi!

The conundrum.

Not much to report. Busy as fuck. So you get quick sketches...because you aren't paying me.

Hope shit is good.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Neill, dude, I love tentacled monsters. I totally do. Not the kind from those Japanese cartoons, the ones always attacking school girls, but full on Lovecraftian beasties.

 No wonder that this guy was the one action figure I always wished they made. 

Fuck dude, The Last Starfighter is the shit. Ron Cobb designs, a ship that actually moves in space like it should, and 3-D motherfucking graphics. 3-D! That blew my mind when I saw it in the theater.

Anyways, tentacled aliens. We finally have the tech to make them amazing and what do we make intead? Predator jaws. Over...and over...and over...

Anyway, fuck. I really wish Guillermo del Toro had been able to make his Mountains film. I have a feeling that would have been the longest drink of water after a drought ever.

Oh one more thing....

This guy was one of my favorite action figures ever. Look at his name. Squid Head. Not over thought, very descriptive, squid head. You know what these guys are called now? Quarren. What the fuck? We over think shit too much now. Why does Squid Head have to have a fucking Wikipedia page? I guarantee you, when Nilos Rodis Jamero drew this guy, he fucking put a squid on a robed body. He was probably pressed for time and had drawn 92 other aliens that week and was all ,"Fuck it, I'll put a goddamned buck toothed squid on this guy." and was done with it.

The Star Wars wiki says this about this guy:

The character Davy Jones as in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest strongly resembles a Quarren, the most notable feature being the tentacles near the face. 

The Quarren also visually resemble the horror creature Cthulhu, created by the author H. P. Lovecraft. know why? Because they have fucking squids for heads. SQUUUUIIIIIDDDDDSSSS. was an odd tangent.

Rockin' action figure.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Brain Down

Neill, what the fuck is it? I don't know. Sort of an alien-gazelle-spider-fetal thing. Whatever it is; shhhhhhh. It's sleeping.

It was a quicky, a cool down image. I'm like a fucking long distance runner lately, man! Work, work, work! But I need the occasional slow down-brain off art time. This fucking thing is Doug on autopilot. Cruise control.

Have you seen these trailers for PROMETHEUS? Good night, it looks ridonkulously awesome! There's actually very few movies I'm going crazy for. There's the DARK KNIGHT RISES, which is a great title, because it's also what I yell when I have a boner and am wearing my black thong. Then, of course, PROMETHEUS, fuck I don't care if it's in the ALIEN universe or not; just want to see. PACIFIC RIM, has my nuts in a lump, and it sucks becuse it's as far way off as your flick. Yeah, ELYSIUM. Shit, dude, why is it so far away. I mean, I really want to see it. Really bad.

I also want a jet car. So....those two things.

Anyway, shit man, hope all is good. I need to turn in.


Monday, March 19, 2012


Neill, sup' dude. Look, I made a prop! It's not dirtied up, but it's the main injector for the short. Originally I was making a clean sci-fi looking thing, but then I realized that this guy in essentially a junkie. At my old office park, I used to find crack pipes in the parking garage. What? Shit no, they weren't mine! I choose to drink my way into oblivion.

Anyway, they were always made up of plumbing items and crap you'd find at a hardware store. I figure, even though it's wired and shit, this should be the same level of craftsmanship.

The cap is removable, and you can slide the alternator fluids up the inside.

Yeah...fluids up the inside.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Dead Fairy

Neill, have you ever been racing down the highway at 60 mph, er...sorry, kph, and nailed a beautiful dragon fly? A butterfly? One big enough to make that 'thump' sound? Then did you feel sad, because you killed a beautiful piece of nature while racing to get your Tim Horton on? Now imaging if that was a fairy.

So sad.

I've always loved the whole green men stories and mythos. I love that Guillermo del Toro brought that shit back and made it cool again. Don't get me wrong, my girls love that Tinkerbell shit, and those straight to video movies are surprisingly well told and stunningly gorgeous; but I love GDT's take on tooth fairies in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.

So this was a quicky of a dead fairy. Next to a cigarette butt. Making it even sadder.

You know..if there were dead fairies all over, I bet Charlotte Burkhart would make some fantastic jewelry out of them. So maybe that wouldn't be so bad.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Poo Poo Platter

Buzz, buzz. Sup' Neillomkamp?

How's shit been going? Hopefully all is good in post land. I went digging for Elysium news the other night, I have not done that in some time, and came across some set photo's I had not seen.

I know, how can I be the biggest fan, and not see everything? I have failed as an internet stalker. I didn't even know that you had three nipples! Okay, that might be a rumor, that I started, but still; I should have known.

Anyway, I saw a bitchin' car. It was totally Syd Mead meets Aaron Beck. I'm not going to link it, if anyone wants to check it out, you got to do that shit on your own.

How shit is cool on your end. Oh, the drawing? It's some sort of fly thing. Fuck I don't know. I've just been messing a lot with a new painting style. It's been fun. I think it's working well.

So well, that you should hire me for work on 'Chappie'.



Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Spiral

Shit...Neill, it's starting. The fucking spiral. The spiral to nothing getting done.

See, I sort of have a limited time to get this flick started, so really I have to be fucking smart about my decisions from the get go. So, Buggity Bugerson down below started to look really plain to me. Like, the original fly was cooler. So tonight I took almost an hour and made this guy. I like him more. But fuck if this shit isn't going to take three times as long to make.

Did I mention I have kids? Oh, and a day job that's pretty crazy lately? And sometimes I take on freelance? And I'm thirty...I think six.  Wait...thirty Pretty sure it's six. Clock's ticking man, I got one foot in the grave. No, like a real grave. Shit, this dirt's sooooofffft.

Why am I in a graveyard? Oh, right; looking for gold. Metal detectors and graveyards; cha-ching!

I have to pay for this somehow.

Anyway, I'm so impressed that you made those fucking awesome shorts. For me, this is probably short idea number ninety seven or some shit that will never get finished.  Sigh.

I love you. I mean, your movies. Not like you, but shit, your movies.




Monday, February 27, 2012

This is not the answer

Neill, some nights you can bang out a quick sketch and clear your mind at the same time.

Some nights you can't.


Ten$ion is the shit. Just saying.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hyper Drive Pilot

Sup' Neillipino. Uh...that one is hurting. Anyway, so I did a quick doodle that has nothing to do with anything. I needed a little break. Turned the brain off and doodled.

I figure this guy is a hyper drive pilot.

They would be join up with a company, go through a series of grueling tests, and if selected trade most of their human body to become a hyper drive transport pilot. Because of the inertia and all that shit, their bodies would be more machine that human, fused with the ship. Their families back home would live well, but they'd never see them again. Hundreds of years would pass between shipments. Pirates and other corporations would try to board their transports and steal their cargo, or even just attempt to destroy them. They would do a dance that could last months. When they finally would arrive at a colony, that colony could be gone. Wiped out by plague, beasts, each other. Then the long slog home would have to occur. That is when the fears would begin to take hold. Wondering if earth remained, or if you were now as foreign to the inhabitants of that old solar system as...WHAT the fuck am I going on about?

Jesus, I just drew a space guy. He has glowing eyes for fucks sake.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One of these things is not the other....

Neill, people actually read this blog. Holy shit, I thought they were all getting re-directed here looking for Prometheus shit. But there are a few.

So I recently posted some bug shit, and people are wondering how that blends with the Native American shit from before. It doesn't. Two separate projects. the problem with Bukwas was it's a lot bigger than I though it was.

Metameth is more doable. I think it will be a good start. If anyone really wants to read the mini script, just post in the comments section. Maybe I'll do it if there's enough interest.

So, two short films, not one.

So these shots are locations, well, possible locations.

I think this will be pretty effing cool.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Dude, Neill, relax. So from a quick view of this image it looks like I'm just ripping off District-9, but I'm not.

I'm ripping off District-9 and Franz Kafka.

There is a difference.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hey Neill, did you make your own Aliens for Alive in Joburg, or did you hire someone? I think I'll end up making my own shit, but only because I have no money. I never have money. Ever.

So making my own short on no money is kind of like...what every guy who ever made a short probably went through.

I'm diggin this one though, I feel like it's doable, and pretty cool. Fairly basic. I'm going to carve shit out of foam. There's not a lot of effects work, but just enough to make it more than your typical Youtube video. I actually have it written out already, now I just need to find the time to storyboard it.

Anyway, so here's a concept from it.

More to come.

Douglucas Williamsberg

Vibrating Rabbitz

Neill, how goes it slick stack? Man-o-man, been a busy mother fucker lately. How about you? Throwing soda cans at your FX artists yet? Seriously, they'll work double time under the threat of violence.

So, like I said shit's been crazy here. I needed to de-stress a little, so I drew this rabbit. Then I put an elfy big bottomed thing in it. I don't know why. I really don't. I spent an hour on it. Quick easy fun. Of course, I could have been doing something useful, but oh fuckwell.

I know what you're thinking, there's better way to de-stress. There's an easy one that involves a computer and a few napkins. But you know what, I think bashing a hobo in the head with a computer and suffocating him by shoving napkins in his mouth is wrong. Just wrong.

Hope all is good, chili fry.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Movie makin'

Getting close Neill. Getting so close to making a little flick. I wrote out the script. I have the locations. This shit is going to be pretty fun. It will probably fall apart horribly and crush all my fantasies, but hey, you never know. Maybe it will just crush some of my fantasies.

I started watching a bunch of your old shorts. great stuff, even now, years later they hold up. I wish more were on iTunes. You adiColor Yellow vid is. It's awesome btw.

So I spent about fifteen minutes on the above image. Just a quick test to see if I could pull off some simple matte's. Did I spell that shit right? Mat? Matt? Matte? Dicksuck? Anyway. Here's the original crappy cell phone image I took so you can see what I did.

The buildings are simple piece of an oil refinery that I duplicated and rotated it a bunch, then merged, selected, airbrushed, and presto. It's not perfect, but if I spent a few hours on something like this, we'd be good to go.

I took the picture out our hotel room window at Great Wolf Lodge. Howling Tornado mother fucker, so fun. My kids fucking love that place. Love it. I love it too, total money grab, but I love it.

And if you don't love it...log boy will git you.

Eyes gonna' git you!

Shudder Doug Williams

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Neill, I'm sure you feel the same way, but being a genius fanboy is a double edged sword. So in the Prometheus trailer there's a guy in the famous Space Jockey room, and he's human-ish, wearing an alien-ish space suit.

See the chair there? There's some open piece where the SJ's head is supposed to go. 

So...that dude is more than likely the Space Jockey. 

It's a huge human dude. 

Vin Diesel is the Space Jockey.

So maybe there is a time travel element, I mean this is the Lost guy writing, right? Maybe we end up making the aliens, and that will explain the human skull on the original alien.

I'm not sure how I feel about all this. 

The trailer still is awesome. Great design, and it's Ridley, so it will probably be a great film regardless.




Friday, January 20, 2012


Yo, yo, yo! How's it going Neill? One thing I really dig about you is you're passionate about  the at story that you want to tell, because it's yours. Movies like that shine. It's like Pan's Labyrinth, you can tell Guillermo wanted to tell that story. It's like your District 9, and I'm sure it will be the same with Elysium.

So, anyway, I've mentioned that I have tons of ideas. Tons. I'm learning that now everyone does. Sort of a rarity. Well, I finally started writing again. It's been years since I did it with any seriousness. You can tell I'm a great writer because of this blog. Why's all you laughing?

The script I'm writing is called PUMPKIN, and this guy features in it. I had a little bit of time to color this guy while my kids are watching some chipmunk movie. Kids have no taste. None.

I don't want to give anything away, and this guy is featured near the start, so I don't mind showing it. I sort of fucked up the drawing, but, meh. I'm far more anal with writing than I am with art. I recently deleted about twenty pages because I went in the wrong direction. It's tough to do, like removing a testicle. But then you realize, you had to remove that testicle, because you replaced it with something 

Shit, that WOULD be better, tentacles instead of testicles? Holy fuck. You would be a god in bed. I really need to get into mad sciencetry. I think that's a profession.

Hope shit is good
Professor Douglestien

Monday, January 9, 2012

Undead day gig

Neill, you know what sucks. Google's new interface...s. What the shit? Could they make these any harder to read? I had a 'try out the new look?' button, that I foolishly pushed (as I was trying to update the look of the blog, oh hey, now posts are missing, sweet), and now, there seems to be no way back. Seriously, this shit sucks. Maybe it'll grow on me. Maybe once I dig into it it'll make sense. maybe it's a game, and I have the difficulty settings too high.

 Wow, what an awesome mural!

Any way, so here's some work shit. See, at my day job I'm a fancy pants art director. I point and hover around my artists and say, 'Do this, do that, rub my feet, make like an ottoman...' stuffs like that. I wish I could show you some of what we've been working on, oh hey, I can!

  Psst, this isn't even the good stuff!

You know what else is cool with the new posting interface, when you hit enter, it goes to the top of your paragraph...sometimes, instead of starting a new paragraph. Heh, that makes sense. Good work guys! The image posting is seriously nicer though, I will give in to that.

Anyway, chiggity check the vid. I'm in it. I'm the hefty dude.