Friday, August 6, 2010

Side Tracked

Yo Neilldog, did I ever mention that I get easily side tracked? It's true too many ideas an---OH SHIT A SQUIRREL! Huh? What was I typing? Doesn't matter, fuck squirrels are dope! I wish I had a bushy tail like one of those fuckers. Do you know what I would do with it? I wouuld dust the shit out of my house! First I'd dust the --OH SHIT A CROW!!!

Crows are black. So is Blade. Know who directed Blade 2? Guillermo Del Toro, brother to the werewolf. He's not? Whatever, he is directing a Mountains of Madness flick though. So here's a uber quick Lovecraftian creature.

Why? Why when there's public opinion to continue on Jockeys, and I just started on District 10...fanart? Why suddenly and quickly shift focus to work on Del Toro imagery? Because I bought tickets to see Mr. Del Toro speak in Portland in September, and I'm all jazz hands about it.

Dude don't worry, you're still my favorite. I love his flicks though. Maybe I should bring a small pack of art and chuck it at him while he's on the stage. It could work. Any who; so yeah, this is still your blog. Don't worry, I'm a total Blomkampian fan. Your movies are way better. Oh! Shhhh! Guillermo is waking up. Type later.

Mrs. Douglas Del Toro (Blomkamp)

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