Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The state of State of Decay

So Neill, it's done. The fucking zombie game. Out, and ready to play. You can play it on XBLA. It's getting pretty stellar reviews. IGN gave it an 8.9. This is how I pay my bills. Well, it's how I pay my bills until you and I rent a studio together and write, draw, and produce while sitting next to each other and constantly slapping out our hands for awesome bro fives.

I'm proud of what this team accomplished here. They got some skills. Believe it or not, there's a District 9 reference in the game. It's graffiti...and you have to find it, but it's there. We're such a small team, making an XBLA game that's honestly more ambitious than most sixty dollar games. I'm not afraid to say that.

Anyway, I swear I'm going to start adding more posts soon. I've been writing like a mother fucker. That and building silicone props for my short. They look like horrendous vaginas, but are flesh wounds. They'll be better bloodied up, airbrushed, blended and with black insectoid spikes coming out of them.

So shit is still going strong. It's been busy, but good. A good busy. Be back soon!


  1. Congrats! Been following you since Arenanet, I'll buy it this weekend.

  2. Yeah, congratulations dogg. I will also buy it, but after I get a bit more stable financially. Then, I will remind you that you promised to play with me like a year ago. Neil Blomkamp and fellow-long time commenter nobody are invited too, I GUESS

  3. Ha ha ha. Where you two located?

  4. Update: uh, I sold my xbox to pay rent :/