Friday, December 11, 2015


Dude, Neill, what up mutha fucks? Here's a bitching concept from a game that will probably not be releasing anytime soon. Such a bummer. I fucking loved this thing. Such is life.

The original style was pretty surreal, but fun. Kind of dark, but not violent. I dug it. It lasted a few weeks. It still was pretty original, but not quite what it originally was.

So this dude was lovingly referred to as 'whispernut' in the office. It was someone else's name from before. So we could never use it, but it always cracked me up.

Anyway, not much to say. Just posting art and lamenting about projects that have died. At least I can share shit from this one!

Peace out!



  1. Dude I just found your blog, through browsing for Space Jockey art I might add. Man your concept art is 100x better than what was delivered in the movie, your take on those enigmatic fellows are outstanding. Don't sell yourself short, you have amazing concept art. Had the Prometheus team had you onboard they might have been able to salvage that mess of a movie through the amazing art you have produced. Cheers from Sweden! One day you'll catch that elusive mr Blomkamp. :D