Friday, August 19, 2016

Old shit, but new shit...

Neill, whas up? I realized, I have a fuckton of art from a dead game I can post. It's not secret, people saw it, so should be good to go. Right? Right?

I'll start throwing some of this shit here from time to time. This was from a mobile game called Moonrise. I really loved working on it, and was digging the game. Never found the audience it needed to survive. Saddness.

But that's the shit right? So many things, disappear. Never release. I've worked on more things that have never come out that shit that's succeeded. I don't feel bad about it, always learning.

I'll be honest though, this one sort of sucked. Mainly because it was practically done. People played it, and enjoyed it. Shit this blog is supposed to be funny right?'s an image of Sharlto loving on some soy chorizo.

My Heart Will Go On...

Woo. barely pulled out of that nosedive.

More to come!

Douglas 'feeling nostalgic' Williams

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  1. Wish I could've tried it. Only heard about while browsing the Undead Labs website, and it was too late by then.