Friday, November 20, 2009

Lunchtime Space Chicken

Can you imagine this flick Neill? It's like a space action/restaurant tie in movie. There's the flag ship the USC-KFC and it's commanded by The Colonel. Get it? Space chickens. Shit, it could be huge. Imagine the dialogue,"How about some gravy with that?--KABOOM!" "Looks like that bugger is in twelve pieces Colonel, we could use a bucket!" "Look out, hear comes the Crispy Twister!!!" You get the idea. Eventually we'll bring in other franchise restaurants. Maybe a little USC-AnW? Huh? Get those Canadians involved. Major Ursus would be in charge of that ship. He would have a whole family working with him, the Berger family. Like Papa Berger, Teen Berger, and so on. It's genius.

Actually...I was just dicking around at lunch, this guy is a nothing from and for nothing. Oh hey, have you seen this Vancouver site? It's pretty cool, you should totally be on it. Carly Pope is on there, and I think she's purdy.I sat through Dirt because of her.

Hope all is well!

Finger Lickin' Good;


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