Thursday, December 9, 2010

It Gets better

Been uber busy, so last night I cranked out a ten minute sketch before bed. Just to wind down. This thing came out. I like bits of it. I like the crustacean vibe. The pink eyes. I thought it was decently unique, until I realized I just drew the crabby version of Zieram.

I used to love that shit. I still love a lot of the ideas and shapes that Japanese designers use. It's like they have no fear of 'readability'. Sometimes a good thing; sometimes a bad thing.

So...I feel bad about my last post. I learned early on that if you have nothing nice to say, then you should say nothing at all. And picking on Copley is just...well, mean. I guess I am bitter. I just picture you guys out water-skiing together, playing Tetris side by side late into the night, giving each other oily backrubs; and yeah, I got jealous. It's especially cruel to pick on him since Copley has gigantism.


Dude look at this photo:

Keep in mind Peter Jackson is just over six feet tall, and Copley had to kneel to stand next to him. Dude, photo's don't lie.

Copley 'tucking in his shirt'.

So dude, please apologize to Sharlto for me. I just let my emotions get the better of me.

(Sharlto, I can't help it, the last post was the best I've had in ages. I swear I love you dude, I know that you're really only four foot and fives inches tall. Oh shit! A bus quick, let me throw you under it!)

Doug 'probably not making friends' Williams


  1. I always get the feeling when I read your post and see your art that you are indeed not of this world. Then I realized you aren't.

    I think we should skip District "what ever".
    Skip the Heartland mud monster.
    Skip the Halo movie.

    The next main project should be:

    Quarantine Operation: Doug Williams

    The movie mainly focuses on some goverment officals finding some alien technology you've left behind and then they send out a hunt for you, but not only that, the whole reason you came to Earth was to escape from deadly bounty hunters. You only draw because it's how you communicate, but you've adopted the human language espeically the usage of the words "fuck" and "Sharlto Copley" and "NEEEEIIIILLLL". Anyways I think this movie needs a greenlight. You become a Refugee and go on the run and it's shot in the same shakey camera as Cloverfield and District 9 and you just kinda take on the world with your amazing badass powers.

    Make it so captain. Make it so.

  2. @Sharlto- Uh huh. I'm sure it's not really you (The real Copley would be to busy snorting gold dust of a high priced hookers back), but I'm at a loss as to who you are. My friends swear it's not any of them, even as I was wiring electrodes to their nipples. If it is the real Sharlto, send me a pic with you holding a sign of my name ( You should have angry eyes. Of course, you're not him.

    @Jellyfish Opera- Quiet! You're blowing my cover.