Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cell Goblins!

HOLY SHIT! Neill, did you see this? It's a fucking cell goblin! I always questioned if these guys existed, but now we have proof! Some camera that still captures scan lines randomly captured an image of one!

These fuckers mess with a our cell reception. Cause lots of dropped calls. AT&T has a two thousand dollar bounty per goblin. Make some decent cash, if you can catch them. I always wondered if they existed, now we know!

I mean, I sort of believed in them all along, why else would you not have called me. I'm guessing it was one of these fucknuts. Whooo. That's a load off. I was beginning to think you didn't want hot oil massages and mai tai's together. I mean, at the very least I expected a call to grab a coffee at a Tim Horton's, or maybe hang at Applebee's. Onion blossom at Outback Steakhouse? We don't have to choose now, there's plenty of delicious restaurants to pick.

Well dude, I'm share they scared that sunuvabitch off, so I'm sitting by the phone. Any minute now.

Any minute.

Anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy time, you want....

Any time.



1 comment:

  1. Neil never calls you because he's to busy CALLING ME ALL DAY LONG >:D