Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What the shit Neill, why did you let me do this? I'm sick, sick, Neill. I spent like three hours total on this, and it's not very good. I have actual work to do. REAL WORK THAT PAYS, and I'm drawing this?

You know who I should really blame in all this though, Ridley. Ridley Scott. I didn't want a prequel, and when I saw those EW magazine shots, I thought I was probably right. But then, shitty mini trailer, and poof. I can't wait. I should have known. I always do this. I thought Finding Nemo looked dumb too, and it's possibly Pixar's best.

So there you go Ridley, I admit it, like Odysseus to Poseidon, I was wrong. So very, very wrong.'s filming going?



  1. reminds me of our first date... brings a tear to my eye as I reminisce.

  2. nice blog, i like your work and i hope for you that neill blomkamp will do the same. hope you post soon new work.

  3. Love it! Awesome concept and great mood. Well done!

  4. What do you do for your "Real work that pays money?" Serious question. I'm in a similar position as you.

  5. Ah I see you now have a description at the top. Nevermind, move along!