Thursday, May 17, 2012


First off, let me apologize. I lead a lot of people to this blog by pretending that I had LEAKED PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART here. I do not. Fox is going to hold on to that shit tight, there's not going to be any LEAKED PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART until they release PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART.


I'm also sorry to you Neill, and all the nutjobs who read this awful blog (seriously, what's wrong with you?). Things have been super crazy at work, and I'm trying to get this short film I want to make actually started. Speaking off, check out these silicone fingers, shits looking decent, right? I bought them on the cheap, but plan on making a lot of my own stuff from here on out.

Willard Cochrane gave me some advice on making the insectoid arm. I think it's going to be pretty fucking cool. Who's Willard? Oh, just some guy who worked on some old Neill Blomkamp shorts; Alive in Joburg and Yellow. Mwu ha ha ha ha ha!

But seriously...time has been fucking short lately.

Sorry, I've been slacking.


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