Monday, April 30, 2012

Face Hugger...uh...Sucker

Yo' Neill. How goes it, man?

Hey, just making sure you and Guillermo know, I know you guys aren't lazy. I know these movies take time. I'm just impatient as shit. that being said, I think the less I know about these flicks the better. I wish I had not sucked up all that Prometheus imagery.  I think I know too much.

So I've decided to go on a PROMETHEUS media blackout. I mean, I'll watch the trailers I've seen, over and over, and I'll watch that wonderful David Commercial, but hat's it.

I think a new trailer is out, or coming out with the Avengers, but I isn't gonna' see it.  Still my mind wanders, and makes me wonder about things in the current media blitz I've already seen, and what they might be.

Also, whenever a new trailer comes out, I get a shit ton of hits looking for things like PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART, or OFFICIAL PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART. I always feel bad for people who are looking for that art and end up here. I wonder if there's anyway to make sure that they don't find this site when searching for REAL OFFICIAL PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART, or PROMETHEUS CONCEPTS REVEALED HERE. It would be awful if my site dragged people here looking for things like PROMETHEUS SECRETS REVEALED, or LEAKED PROMETHEUS ART, or PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART LEAKED BY RIDLEY SCOTT LOCATED HERE.

So, this is my quick goofy idea of what that thing in the trailer might be. It's definitely not OFFICIAL PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART.

Well, hope shit is good dude. Let me know if you find some OFFICIAL PROMETHEUS CONCEPT ART on any sites, I'd love to see some.

Oh...right...the black out.


Have a good one;


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