Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sculptris part duex...duo...doo...?

Sup Neill. You see Prometheus? What'd you think? I be tha' curious.

Anyway, sooper quick post. Fucking around in Sculptris again. Probably spent around an hour and a half on this. Maybe less.

I can see why people dig this shit, but for some reason everything ends up sort of looking the same. Not sure why. But it leaves for pretty boring creature design lately (imo). Although, D-9 didn't suffer from that, maybe it's a straight to digital thing. Who knows.

At any rate, this is the future of concept design. I remember picking up the Episode 2 art book and seeing guys like Ryan Church and Dermot Power doing amazing quick digital concepts. i knew that was where things were going and didn't want to get left behind (I was all markers at the time). Now I'm a little behind the curve, but I'll catch up.

I sort of like this alien though, something alluring about the mouth....something....


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