Friday, June 15, 2012

Sumerian Space Jockey

What the shit Neill? Did you dig Prometheus, or not? It's rude not to respond. You're not rude are you?

Well, I decided to fuck around last night and make a Space Jockey of my own. I decided to follow Giger's original a little more closely than the film look, but still keep Scott's 'it's only a space suit' idea. Although, in my mind, that hose will always be a trunk. Like my wiener. I also threw in some Sumerian head shape in there (the head wrapping).

So readers, did you guys dig Prometheus? Do you think this concept is cool? Do hotdogs taste better in the summer? Are you rude and don't feel like responding? Answer all these questions below.



  1. I loved it and I don't care what you say... FATHER!

  2. Ain't seen it (with a 2 yr old, a 1 yr old, 3 dogs, and a wife that doesn't digg "scary"... its though nowadays). Yes. Yes. And no.

  3. Prometheus was pretty terrible

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    1. Jorge, bring your kids to the movie. It's all about family.

      A 2 yr old AND a 1 yr old? You sir, deserve an award. I had to have mine four years apart, otherwise I'd still be crying myself to sleep every night (Just kidding, I love my kids. No, really!)