Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Da Day Job

Sup Neill? Well, here's two years of my life. This is the game I've been art directing. I'm pretty proud of these fuckers. It's pretty fun too! So I'm not just twiddling my thumbs here....waiting for a call....


  1. Bugger, I just realized I've been following this blog for three forking years.

    We all get to play this with you when it comes out, right?

  2. Three years? Why the fuck am I still doing this? Holy crow...I've wasted my life.

    Dude, anybody who wants to play this with me totally can. Be forewarned, I'm a boring and awkward mess in real life. the internet is like my Batman mask; my Shadow scarf; my RuPaul crotch tape.

    The game is fun though, more fun than the trailer lets on. Which I think looks fun.

  3. Wow! This game got huge!! It's very popular on xbox 360 right now!!!

    Can't wait tili have some points to buy it!!

    Nice work guys!!

    (PS-still wrapped on Prometheus over here- literally watching my 51st time right now)