Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Payin' da Billz!

Dude, Neill, how's shit? Been loco crazy busy on my end. But things are coming together. I figure I'd run through some of my work I can show, there's a lot I can't!

So numero uno, the above image is featured in TRIUMPH by Greg Broadmore. It is fucking awesome. It might be my favorite book he's put out. I highly recommend picking it up. I wasn't gogin to show the whole image, but Christian Pearce did, and even though he's my competition for being Greg's best friend (Don't worry, Greg will be my second best friend. You're my first.), he's an amazing artist and all around nice guy (Also, he's a slut. That may or may not be true. I actually have no idea).

Line art by Guy Davis. Colors by sexy Doug, that's me.

Another project I worked on was a motion comic for the Terra Nova dvd. Javier Soto directed it, it's the second project I've worked on with him, and it was great. he's a super cool guy. Which reminds me, I only colored it, Guy Davis did all the line art. It was a pretty intense project with a short deadline. Not many of those in this industry...heh...he...he...HA HA HA! Honestly, that's every project.

I also worked with Javier on The Great Calamity, which will be featured on the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Blu-Ray. It's super cool, and was another fun project to work on. Javier chose a super cool animated style to render it in, and I actually like the tone of it more than the actual film (Which I enjoyed). You can read a little about Javier's flick HERE.

 There was some other things outside my day job that I can not talk about. Secret shit. Mayan calendar and all that. Illuminaughty shit. Naughty.

Then, there's the day gig. We're getting really close to an end here. I'm excited and terrified. Oh! We're selling shirts. Buy some.

Oh shit! Did I tell you how PAX went? It went really fucking well. You can see my big fat sausage mitts in this video.

Oh...and then there my ever fucking unending preproduction movie. Man...making movies by yourself is hard. the arm is working pretty well now though, and I'm piecing together how to make some silicone wounds. The lazy goth girl I was going to hire to make my twenty silicone hands disappeared though, and no, I didn't kill her. So...that sucks.

Here's the arm from a few weeks ago.

So that's shit dude. Can't wait until March to see Elysium. We're getting close, man! Real fucking close! So excited.

Hope you have a fan-fucking-tastic day.


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