Monday, November 19, 2012

Painty painty

Neill, I have a confession. My last post...was a joke post. It wasn't real. Not like most of these.

So I baked and painted that thing from the last post. Sort of a test piece, and that shit worked. Not great, but for what I'm going to need it for, it will work.

Hope shit is good. OH! I just read about Robocop being pushed, and Elysium filling the summer spot (cut me some slack, I been busy). I hope this is a good thing for you, but fuck if I'm not getting frustrated with this new Robocop. Still, I really like the director, love the actor, and have a passion for Robocop (I named my ninth son OCP), so hopefully it all comes together.

Anywayz...poo poo pa doo.



  1. Wow cool! What did you use to make that chicken/frog?

  2. Just your basic Super Sculpey, some paint and some Sculpey shiny sealer. Pretty easy. The hard part is going to be sculpting something WED clay, and casting it in silicone. ;)

  3. Well it's absolutely disgusting! In a badass way.

    I missed reading your posts (I was in basic training for the Army, which wasn't easy as a chubby 26 year-old)! Good shit as always. Hope all is well, man!