Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dude...holy fuck. We're a few hours away from seeing this trailer. So people tried to throw me off by saying it might not be coming out today, but they were hopefully wrong.

I can not wait. I can't I must see this. All the comments coming out of the ten minute preview are crazy fucking positive.Like; all of them.

Dude, check this shit out:

I don't know exactly what it said — because I was too busy smashing my face with a hammer out of sheer despair that Neill Blomkamp can't just make all of the science fiction movies right now. All this from a trailer, which will be out tomorrow.  -IO9.COM

As you'll see in tomorrow's trailer, there's a tremendous amount of production design that went into Elysium and its gritty sci-fi world-COMING SOON.NET

We’ve waited a long time to see how the talented filmmaker would follow up such an impressive debut, and today we got to see an exciting and promising preview.-CINEMA BLEND.COM

My balls are about to explode in anticipation!!!-PLEASELOOKATMENEILLBLOMKAMP.BLOGSPOT.COM
Dude, it's all fucking like this!

One and a half hours to go....


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