Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I was drunk...

So...dude. Man....I don't know how to say this. So, you know Neill, you're my main dude. Like, main dude. But sometimes I feel like this is a one sided relationship. I feel like you're just going through the motions. Not always, but sometimes, and during one of those weak moments I met Guillermo del Toro.

He's a very irresistible man, he flattered me, and...I...I worked with him. But only a little bit, and it meant nothing. Well, not nothing, I mean it was super cool and I met a bunch of really great guys. Wonderful people and insanely talented. Guillermo was also crazy talented and amazingly busy, I have no idea how he does it all. Super fun too, fun guy to work with. But, again, it was a moment of weakness. I feel like the ugliest Diane Lane in the world.

I hate for you to find out this way, but it's in the Hollywood gossip mags now. Total Film posted some of my pictures, with my name attached. I figured it would get to you eventually, and I preferred you heard it from me.

So hopefully you'll find it in your heart to forgive me. I'm not really like this, it's only happened once, and I've learned from it.

Pacific Rim is going to be pretty fucking awesome though.

Douglas 'Eternally Yours' Williams


  1. That's awesome Doug, congratulations!

  2. Did you have a Pacific Rim Job? I mean Rim, job. Good job! You could always just have an open relationship.

  3. Now I feel kinda stupid for my comment in the previous entry ._. Make 5 my list of reasons to see that movie...