Friday, February 7, 2014

Did I ruin it?

Did I ruin it? I feel like I might have over complicated it. Shit. Fuck, why is art so hard? There should be a button. You press it and it works.

Neill, I tend to over detail shit, it's a problem. I get all focused on one piece and push on it too fucking hard. Render it to death. Also, this might have gone to organic. It got a little AKIRA-ish, but that's where I shine. Organic shit. I wanted more robot and machine like elements in there. I still plan on adding them, but probably digitally with 3-D objects. You see the Tetra Vaal bullet in there? That's where it all started for me.

Here's a bigger drawrin' of you. At this pace it will be done in time for Christmas, 2026!

We'll see what happens, I guess. To quote Ren, "...Maaaaybe something good, maaaybe something bad."

Dougeeediot Williams


  1. What? Your crazy! Its cool beans, and the hyper detailed entrail/tendrils vs lesser detailed face makes an interesting contrast, I think. Only thing is the jaw is quite asymmetrical.

  2. thanks man, yeah that jaw is pretty furqed. I'll have to fix soon.