Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gunhead spits bullets from his head of guns

Yo, yo, yo; sup' Neill? Last night I was work working late, but needed to let the brain breathe before bed. So at 11:45pm I started this, and at 12:03am it was done. Dumb idea for someone who gets up at five am.

Anyway, I like that he's all punchy punch, even though his head is a bunch of guns.

I don't know. Might play with it more at some point.



  1. Rad! This concept totally reminds me of D'harhan from the Star Wars expanded universe.

  2. Thanks man! I had no seen that character before, but it begs the question why more droids don't have gun appendages.

  3. Doug have you seen warhammer 40,000? There's guns everywhere! Plus it's all steampunk/gothic shizzle. Maybe you should hit it up.

  4. guns are good for self defence and will also used for other purpose.

  5. this is a great post about spilliting bullets from mouth