Sunday, November 23, 2014

Been gone awhile....

 Neill, dude...I'm sorry. I've been missing, and during a totes important time too. The fucking Chappie trailer came out, and I was gone. Like what the fuck, right? 
Man, I do have a reason, well a couple. One, which is below, is that I've been slammed ADing on three projects. All fun projects, but lots of late evenings and full days. 
The second, is I had a spy on Chappie and was waiting for his photo's to get to me for this post. I finally got the photo's and will share them in a few posts. I can't tell you who it was, but for this article we'll call him; Blue Slackman.

So anyway, this is a fav of batch of them for me, because they tell a story. As a side note, I love seeing Copley's dedication to wearing that robot suit. Is it true her removed his midsection for the part? That shit is dedication.

I heard that Copley is way easy to work with. He has a few simple requests; the main one being his trailer must be filled with teen magazines. Dude loves himself some Lautner.

 Tiger Beat is his reported fav!

So, Lou Hackman told me that there was a day that Copley was supposed to do his mimicking He-Man sword scene. He was very insistent on using a real sword to get the weight right, and then removing it in post. Dude, this is all secondhand, so maybe none of it is true.
You can see your apprehension in handing him the sword. Don't blame you!
But Hue Jahquesman said that Copley had the thing in his hand for two minutes before he was swinging that shit around like a two year old monkey and you had to take it away. So Hugh  then said you scrounged through Copley's trailer and found some 'sword' substitutes.
Careful dude, Copley looks ready to dong you in the head!
Copley was bugged, but like a pro continued on. A fucking pro. I can't wait for this movie, dude.
So this is the shit I've been working on. A mobile game called Moonrise, State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (dude, the first sold over 2 million copies), and a secret project. Plus some personal shit. So been nuts, but shit is good.
 Moonrise is the shit. You'll fucking see.

 Ha ha ha, lookit' that big fucker explode! State of Decay is going to be all shiny and shit in YOSE!

 They made a skin pack for Minecraft out of our SoD characters. My kids are finally proud of me.

 Can't wait for Chappie! I'll post more set reports from my secret mullet sporting spy.
Douglas Deepthroat


  1. Dude where you at? No posts for a couple months? Did Copley finally find you an take you out with the purple dong?

  2. He did, well...I didn't get a good look. Just woke up unconscious with a big 'ol purple dong laying on the floor. I'm guessing it's him, he is like a multimillionaire international super star. He can hire people for that shit.

  3. Nah I'm sure that's the stuff he would like to do personally haha. Good to see your still around tho :-)