Thursday, September 10, 2015

Copley Visits Japan

Suuuup dood? I know, it's been forever. I think I'm like the last person who still uses a blog that is under 89.

This is an old five minute sketch. It's when Sharlto visited Japan. I kiiiid, we all know he's super short.

I used to have this idea, back when I was a kid, about this second world of monsters and shit. Like we inhabited the same space, but different versions, and in the mist you could see them better, but like only in the corner of your eye. Kids would be better at seeing them. If you turned quick enough you could catch glimpses of them.

The main deal though, they were as freaked out of us as we were of them. It was a more gentle kid friendly story. So like evil dudes are trying to rule over a bunch of shit and pulling these worlds together and a group of kids and monsters have to stop them.

I think I saw a early shitty dub of Yokai Monsters or something that made me want to make this. Anyway, I was looking at this pic of Japan, and stuck a quick giant in there.

That's a lot more typing that a five minute pic deserves.

Doug 'like to type' Williams


  1. Sweet pic. You picture it as a creepy movie or a fun "goonies" type?

  2. Sort of a creepy Goonies flick. Fun, but dangerous.