Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dude, seriously, are you coming to Portland with us? I really need to know. I can drive...from here. I'm guessing no, since you probably have Guillermo over for dinner and talk shop and shit. Plus, you're making your big sci-fi movie....which you might be not making in a second.

Dude, have you heard of this Twilight shit? I mean I hardly know anything about it, but fuck it's huge! Not only that, it's huge with chicks, and here's the kicker...it's about fucking vampires and werewolves. Dude, holy nerdgasm! Vampires and werewolves AND chicks dig it? I mean all that fucking blood and shit AND the chicks still dig? I mean the damned eternal struggle between the werewolf and vampire, I bet they rip each other to shreds!!! So, effing gore and supernatural shit and the ladies love it; count me in muther fucker!

So, you need to hit while the iron's hot my friend, you can't coast on your good looks forever. I'm proposing a movie with vampires. I mean, you know, your take on them. maybe they're robot vampires, and want our oil. Maybe they're just space vampires, from Vampirenus. Shit, I don't know.

Well that's it dude, I'm fucking going to bed. I mean, I like the night, but now that I get up at five in the morning. So in order to sparkle in the daylight I need to get to bed earlier.

Count Dougscula


  1. Thanks nobody (man that sounds weird). I wasn't so thrilled with it, I really need some time for a nice piece. Maybe this weekend I can do something...better, or at least nice.

    I'm totally curious who you are nobody. For all the others, feel free to take nobody's lead and comment, you don't have to be Neill, just a good friend of his.

  2. well, I would say the name pretty much says it all. However your curiosity makes me feel like a somebody, thanks.

    In all seriousness though, I saw a recommendation to your blog on io9 ( http://io9.com/5472521/please-look-at-me-neill-blomkamp-deserves-to-be-seen ) and I have never read any blogs before, but yours is so funny and I love concept art more than any other. So here I am reading your shit, man. Keep it up!

  3. Got some hardcore Tsutomu Nihei vibes from the vamp, which is always awesome.
    Actually, a lot of your future cityscape stuff reminds me of him, is he an influence?

  4. Not that I know, but my guess is no, count dougula's art is not as "clean" as tsutomu's. The style here is more common with western concept art. But, of course, dougula's is supreme.

  5. That's, uh, that's not how influences work at all?

  6. You know what, you may be right. For some reason when it hit my brain it just registered incorrectly. Sorry, if I made an ass of myself, ronnoc.

  7. Hey Ronnoc,

    I actually really love Tsutomu Nihei's work, but don't know it as well as I should. I saw his work in the Halo comic and in the Snikt series. It's awesome stuff. But I am influenced by everybody, so much good art out there. I'm sort of a blender that just intakes it all and spews out my own chunky meat shake of it. the vamp is totally Charlie Brown though.

  8. Gotsa check out Blame!, man! You would probably like it (and see why I made the connection)!