Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still your blog.

Dude, I swear. You're the real deal Neill. This blog is totally yours. That's why the sci fi art is at the top and the Lovecraft quick shit is at the bottom. I'm just sort of jazzed about this Guillermo thing on Sept 29th.

Still have not heard if you want to come with; let me know soon. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure you're busy making a movie and all, but shit, I used to make movies in like 6th grade, so it can't be that fucking hard. Right?

So anyway, I also made this quick little book to give to GDT (That's Guillermo del Toro, but written all T2 style).

Do you think he'll like it? I mean, the story sucks (because it doesn't exist and all), but it has a bunch of art. It was easy as shit to make! Dude, fucking Blurb is amazing. You could make a book while letting loose a gnarly burrito on the shitter. That's the fucking future man, and we're living it!!!

Oh, I watched the last half of District 9 on my new TV the other day. GODDAMN YOU MAKE A GOOD MOVIE! Seriously, it's way better than the shit I made in 6th grade. Although my flick had a guy in a snorkel, and I played two parts (like that chick in The Parent Trap). Still, yours was better, and I had to let you know how damned good it was...again.

Oh, your art, a slummy future city. Going back to my roots....mainly because this was an old piece I never finished. I been busy holmes, but don't worry, it's still your blog.

Alright to bed for me. Catching the bus at five.

Guillermo Doug Toro

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