Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Back!!! Sort....of....

Holy fugtastic long time no post. Great googly moogly. Well, some shit has been going down. So...Neill, where to start. Well, lets see, I quit my job, my little girl stated first grade, I went to LaPush for a few days, hung out with and saw my little brother off to China (he's back), started my job (I ride a fucking bus, how cool is that shit!), saw a few Sounders games, went out for my 9 year anniversary at Teatro Zizani and have been doing some freelance work. There was more, doesn't matter anymore...because I'm here now.

So, the bad news. I'm now the Visual Art Director at Undead Labs. It pretty much means that all I think about now is the game, but can't show any of the work. I bet you get that shit, being in film in all. So I'll bang out some work on here as much as I can, but the lunchtime images will be scarce, because the food in Pioneer Square fucking rocks. No I'm serious. I had jello shots for lunch on Friday. I fucking love it.

So here's a unfinished Lovecraftian horror. One of the Elder thingamajigs from The Mountains of Madness. I figured I should do some of that shit, for when I meet Del Toro in Portland on September 29th. What? A giant hall? DAMMIT! I made a fucking book for him, he better get it! Oh shit, dude, you should come down. I have tickets 1 through 4. IT IS NOT PATHETIC! Portland's a cool ass town man.

Well at any rate, everything is pretty much fucking rocking right now.



  1. alright alright, maybe I was a bit pushy! Glad you're back, though! cool squid tree thing btw

  2. You should try being all the way back! It takes like 2 seconds!