Monday, November 29, 2010

AGM Heartland

Alright. You have me. I'm hooked. What the fuck is AGM Heartland? See, Neill, I don't really want to know, but I really want to know. This was me with fucking Cloverfield. It wouldn't matter if it was you doing this or not. I'm a sucker for this shit.

Is it an ARG? I love those. I love to think I'm smart enough to play them, when really I just read forums about them and all the clues others have discovered. Like Halo 2's I love bees. That shit was tight. Cloverfield had a great one too. Of course, the one I got into the most (pre-kids) was A.I.s. It was awesome, and I did actually find shit on my own.

Is it for a movie? Is it for a tv show? A web thing? A new restaurant? OH SHIT! That would be fawking awesome! A genetic misfit themed restaurant? Oh, hellz yeah! that's mine, if you have not claimed it, it's mine.

Anyways, I'm curious as shit as to what this is. My guess? I'm thinking it's somehow related to that Die Antwoord video you were supposed to direct a long time ago. It's just a guess though.

At any rate, while looking on another site about your AGM Heartland flick I came across this post:

I'm telling you dude, we are fucking linked! It's like cosmic and shit. Like Tango and Cash. Like Robo and Cop. Like Captain and Tennille. It's in the fucking stars.

Oh, and did you see this? io9 Space Jockey art Yep, I'm working on the Alien prequel. Really. I'm not lying. I'm No....I'm not. Ridley hates me. That Jockey art was spread around everywhere and in two days I had thousands of hits on this blog over the turkey break.

It's just funny that this is exactly what had happened on Cloverfield with that whale thing.'s all a fucking ARG. Holy poo on a twinkie; am I an ARG? Is this like some Truman Show shit?

At any rate, you got me hook, line and sinker.

Douglas 'Salmones Muerte' Williams


  1. I noticed immediately that the Jockey work was yours, I guess that means it's distinctive, huh? Hopefully it'll bring a lot of attention to your great work.

  2. Don't worry Doug, we'll get you working for Ridley in no time. I'm planning on flying your Jockey art from the nearest flagpole for all to see.

  3. it baffles me how all of your art continues to make the rounds and people notice it for the quality work that it is, yet these directors have yet to contact you. I hope you get your break, man.

    love the AGM Heartland art.

  4. Ah, thanks all. Someday my film break will come, but just in case it doesn't, I've started taking steps to be able to tell my own stories. No reason why I can't share them with everyone, now that we have the net. Truly this is a time when creative people can get out their ideas out there. It just takes time (which is lacking lately).

    Look at the above Neill vid. Come up with a fun idea, Take the time to make a cool creature, and poof! It's all he needed. I think that's why I love that above vid (beyond the mystery), it's fairly basic.

    As far as film work, it's tough for me because of my love of the Northwest. I can't imagine moving my family from here. So really...long distance or Neill (since he's so close, handsome, and awesome). "Help me Obi-Neill-Kenobi, you're my only hope"

    Thanks again everyone!

    Wow, what a sappy 'rah-rah' comment I just posted. Uh...EEL ANUS! ELK NARDS! BUTT JUICE! That's better.