Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I be da' published!

Dude, how goes it man? I got to be honest, this is a self plug post. The above image is a work image, there's more art here, but it ties into what I'm going to talk about. What could this be? Zombies. I know, I know; a stretch.

So I was recently publish in a comic anthology called Zombie Terrors. I have a bunch of pics and a three page story I wrote called "Hate". It was a few nights, and really fun to do. Is it good? Can I write at all? Well, let's see what the fucking reviewers say:

“Hate” is drawn or painted in a way that I really love. It looks like it was done with oil paints and the story is a romanticized version of how much humans and zombies hate each other. By the end of the story you almost find yourself admiring how honest a zombie really is.

Zombie One News
“Hate” is a clever little 11-panel inner monologue written and beautifully painted by Doug Williams, whose quick twist ending will put a smirk on any reader’s face.

Zombie Bunghole
Wow! Finally a new Hemingway. Doug Williams is a genius. A complex shockingly abrasive look at our inner souls all wrapped up in three simple pages! This guy should be in films! If I had my way, he'd work with Neill Blomkamp (The best filmamker ever) on everything Neill makes. The two combined would make Tango and Cash look like Poop and Shit. Neill should fire that super tall circus freak Shartlo Copley (He has gigantism we hear) and punch Matt Damon in his pretty blue eyed face. Doug and Neill forever! Together they'd rule all entertainment, and sasquachop the shit out of Hollywood! 'Hate' gets 10 out of 5 stars!

So you see dude, people are diggin' what I made. Special thanks to Frank Forte for giving me the opportunity (and haveing a kickass name).

So Neill, pick up a copy and I'll sign it for you.

Have a good one dude,

Doug "Gatsby" Williams


  1. Congrats doug! You really nailed that zombie bunghole! Have you ever combined the two things you love most? Zombie prawns sound awesome.

  2. Nobody, you just blew my mind. IT'S BRILLIANT!

    Hmmmn...I might have to take some time after the current freelance gig I'm on and try that out. Oh, and thanks to everyone who still regularly visits the blog. Feel free to leave posts!

    More frequent updates are coming. It's been a wild ride since last May. I'm finally wrapping up a big freelance project within the next couple of weeks, after that I'll be around more.

    I can't wait to announce it, but it might be awhile.

    Alright, it's sixfortysumthin in the morning, and I need to poop.

    Have a good one all!

  3. sweet! Look forward to seeing it, eventually!