Friday, January 21, 2011

You've got Space Fleas!!!

Uh oh dude! You've got the Space Fleaz!!! Space fleas can give someone the space crazies, and you my friend are space crazy. I mean dude, slow the fuck down! First you're announcing your actors, the the fact that you got a personal hero of mine, SYD 'effing MEAD to work on your shit; and now...a new fucking movie? Are you crazy?

Here dude, let me tell you a story. So way back when, before kids, I owned a Sega Saturn. I had been a Sega fanboy since my Master System (During those early years I also ended up getting the SNES and NES and, of course, a Genesis (Megadrive). But back then, I had very limited funds, so games were few and far between.). So here I am with my Saturn, when my Parents surprise me witha graduation present (Art School); an N64! Now, I was just about to start a new job, but had a week between school and my new job to do nothing. I filled with with conquering Golden Eye. Wait, this story is going to take way to long to tell.

Basically I ended up with shit tons of systems and games and could never give my full attention to any of them. Except Ocarina of Time. Oh, and the original Half Life. Good god that was a great game. Anyway, pull it together and focus. Focus on one thing. Try to block out Copley's insane tallness and the special riggings you'll need to make him look the same size as your other actors (especially the 4 foot 3 Matt Damon) and focus. Relax, focus on one thing. One thing. That thing, your current project, and it is...working with me.

That's right dude! I was going to post a tombstone with the words 'Doug Hopes and Dreams" carved on it when I heard you'd secured Syd Mead, but really what is so great about Syd Mead? Blade Runner? Please, I've seen tons of movies that look like Blade Runner, they just came out afterwards. Tron? Dude, that shit just came out, old Flynn/Young Flynn? Whatevahz.

Man...I can't do it. I can't pretend to not like Syd. I mean, I spent hundreds of dollars for a book of his. I stood in line at an E3 for nearly two hours hoping to shake his hand; only to end up getting out of line to catch a flight home. It's one of my few regrets. I briefly worked with a guy who knew him and said he is the nicest guy around. He's one of the few people I still hope to one day meet. I hear Syd Mead glows a slight golden color, and rooms feel warm when he's around. Syd Mead. Good fucking work dude, I mean that.

So Chappie, huh? I'm guessing it's a retelling of the Charlie Chaplin story, but....IN SPACE!

I could be wrong.

Have a good one dude, you're on fire lately.

Dougoblagon Williams


  1. I think you're right about Chappie, Doug. Its a prawn comedy set in the early stages of film on prawnonia.

  2. Charlie Chaplin in space:

  3. Holy shit Peter, that was pretty 'effing cool. We live in a golden age of creativity.

    Seriously, that's me not playing a part.