Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Me Too!

Neill! How goes it! I'm back, so there should be some more frequent updates. Where was I? Oh, it was a labyrinth of adventure. I even learned how to play a Pan flute. It was tough to come back up to the PNW, they even threw an army of gold at me; but ultimately, the timing just isn't right. I needed to be home with my sweeet little gals. But enough about that, how the heck have you been?

Things are quiet lately. I've had to go to re-watching all your old internet vids; Tetra Vaal, Alive in Joburg, Halo, Anal Debutantes, Tempbot; all the classics. You must be super busy with Elysium, I hope it's all going well. I love movies, especially yours.

It got me to thinking, I want to make a movie too! Just a short one. Like ten; or fifteen minutes. So here we go, I'll be turning my posts to you into a love letter/production journal. First up, shitty photochop announcing that I'm making a movie.

I don't think this will go anywhere, but I want to try it, just to see if I can do it. Plus it gives me an excuse to head over to my old stomping grounds on the Olympic Peninsula.

See you in Hollywoodland...or Vancouver.

Douglas Spielberg


  1. Awesome your back. Does that mean you finished over at udl? Can't wait to see how this project turns out.

  2. Hey barra; I'm still at UDL. I just took a sanctioned leave of absence to work on a crazy dream gig.

    But now I'm back in Seattle, and just ate a breaded bacon patty sandwich at Fuel. My's full of stars.

  3. Stars like who? I love bacon sarnies. So wots this dream gig? Workin wi Neil? Your environment tutorials over at udl are awesome. Especially cthulu! Hope all is well