Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Voodoo Vince -The Marker Comps

Holy mackerel, Neill, dude; I'm so sorry. I've been fairly busy, and have not been able to hit the ol' blog as much as I should. How are you ever going to want me to come over for a kickass pool party, if you can't even trust me with updating a blog?

You're totally in production now too! I know that you fill the lonely nights with this blog, reading and re-reading old post, wondering why have I forsaken you. I have not, I love you dude, but I was away from my fam for a long time, and we're reconnecting. Shit is good Neill. Shit. Is. Good.

But here dude, lets take another stroll down memory fucking lane. I think there needs to be a comma in there somewhere. Fuck it. I write this shit at lunch.

So way back I worked at a company called Beep Industries, and we made a game called Voodoo Vince. The game was fun, a cute little platformer about a voodoo doll. there's four or five of you who have played it, and I think most of you enjoyed it.

Back then, I was almost all markers; almost zero digital. I had a rule, ten character concepts or five environment concepts a day. I worked seven to seven, twelves hours everyday. It was going to payoff though, I would be a millionaire when the game came out...oh.

Well, shit, here's some of the art:

The game had fucking stunts!

The shadow of the Colosuss, was in the shadow of the fucking KOSMOBOT!!!

I have always loved tits. Big ones.

A dead Jazzman? How the shit does he play a trumpet with no lips?

Bite my shit, Infogrames.

Ding! Ding! Zombie Trolley! Ding! Ding!

Zombie rats that fly, only Clayton could have thought those up!

American folklore in a game, what is this? School?

Church is wonky. At least this one.

What's the function of this building? Fuck you! Stop asking so many questions!!!

Well, that was fun. Maybe next time I'll show you some of the first digitla pieces I did, also on Voodoo Vince!

Have a good one!



  1. Oh snap, you worked on Voodoo Vince? I never played the bugger, but I do recognize it.

  2. Doug, I can tell you right now why Neil never comments: this stupid CAPTCHA is a total flow-breaker, man.

  3. Is the Captcha gone?

  4. I love this art and voodoo Vince, thanks