Saturday, December 17, 2011


Neill. Dude. I know everyone reading this blog thinks I'm a slacker. Shits been crazy. My day gig as an art director at Undead Labs has been super busy for the last couple of months, but damn, it's paying off. I foolishly took on some side projects as well, but it was super cool work, so the late nights were worth it. I had another project like that some time ago, four or five hours a sleep a night for a couple of weeks sort of gets to you after a while. I'm getting old.

I need a back up plan, something easy, that pays well. That's why I'm thinking; Director. Dude, you make it look so easy. I saw Damon on Stewart the other night, and it sounds like he already wrapped on Elysium. So I'm guessing your just hanging around waiting for effects to come in. I mean, I'm right aren't I? Actually, I am going to write some shit, and put some stuff together. For reals this time. Once I finish this super cool side project I'm on. I'm going to put together some pitch docs, and try my hand at filming some shorts. Short shorts.

Check out the boy who I want to be my cinematographer: DAN COLE. Click his name. He has a nice eye, and a rocking Leonidas beard. He kicks fuckers down stairwells yelling, "THIS IS SPARTA!" People crack up and hire him for parties. Kick parties and snuff films, that's Dan.

So dude, you've wrapped on the acting for Elysium, and I know shit is busy (yeah, I know the real work starts now) but seriously man, take some time and enjoy the holidays.

Wishing you and yours well;



  1. Absolutely beautiful! My moleskine pales in comparison. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of pens do you like to use for this stuff?

  2. Malarkey! I looked at your moleskin sketches and they're great!

    As far as pens, I use Pilot pens. You can get them just about anywhere. I use the Precise V5 pens, fine and extra fine pens. Then I use a Pilot Precise Grip Bold pen for the chuncky blacks. Then I hit those with a black Prismacolor pencil.

    Those are my pen secrets, taught to me by a Kappa that lives in a river near Port Angeles.

  3. Much obliged, o sage one! I'll look into those, I think my old Staedler pigment liners need a vacation.

    Keep up the great work.