Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Doodler

Dude, Neill, what the eff. I be so damned excited for Elysium, but it be a year away. 2013? God grief, man. The other movie I'm super excited for is Pacific Rim, mainly because I here one of the concept artist is one of my favorite artist ever. And he's fucking hot, not that I'm looking, I'm married.

Anyway, since both those flicks are a million years from now, what's coming up?

I saw the trailer for The Hobbit, dude, it's totally ripping off Lord of the Rings. They have this wizard in it, he looks just like Gandalf. I watched it without sound. Anyway, that's a 2012 film so I'm guessing that will be coming out in a few months.

Then there's Batman, sorry, The Dark Knight Rises. Bane? Bane is my Venom. He's garbage, invented just to break Batman's back. As a villain, booooorrrring. Well, I have to admit, I fucking love Nolan's movies. So, I have faith that he'll make Bane cool. Maybe that's it, he's such a blank slate that Nolan can project anything onto him without the fanboys going berserk.

Tim Tebow 's prayers are finally answered.

Then there's P R O M E T H E U S. Fuck, I can not wait for this one. It looks awesome. It's so fucking cool, it's trailer has a trailer. A two part trailer. I mean, check this out! T R A I L E R pt 2.

Anyway, looks like there's some amazing flicks coming out, but shit dude, wrap that film up. I'm dying to see it!

Oh yeah, here's some random sketches.


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  1. you know you can't just show us that you have top secret doodles, without sharing them! you have to post them eventually!