Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guillermo del Toro wraps!

Yo, Neill, so guess what? Guillermo del Toro just wrapped on shooting for Pacific Rim. So now there's two of you lazy fuckers. What? Is that wrong? Hey, how hard can this part be? Add some After Effects, record some sounds- BANGO PRESTO- you have a movie.

But you two are taking a whole year for 'finishing' your movies? But dude, we want to see these movies incredibly badly. It's fucking torture. TORTURE! I mean, come on, at least throw some concept art, or storyboards, or more viral shit out there. It's killing all of us geeks. We can't survive on Prometheus alone.

We depend on awesome big budget sci-fi to help keep us alive, and what are we getting? Battleship. Battleship? How is this a movie? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it will be amazing, but I'm having a hard time imagining it.

Here's how I imaging that movie plays out:

"Captain, we can't see them, we're firing blind!"

"Triangulate the last known positions of the aliens!"

"I'm guessing, but it's probably quadrant c-9!"


"Direct hit!"

"Good job, Rhianna."

Then the aliens fire back at fleet and blow up a battleship...

"The bastards! They sank my Battleship!"

...aaaaaaand scene.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe.

Hey, speaking of you and Guillermo, you both were up for that Halo flick. I heard rumors about Guillermo, and knew about you being attached to it. Let me just say, I'm glad neither of you tackled that franchise. I think both movies would have been great, but I think the other shit that has come out of that clusterfuck have been better. Guillermo is making...everything (Dreamworks animation ftw) and you went on to do District-9, which I really enjoyed.

I don't know if you knew that. That I liked District-9.  A lot.

Anyways, I know you two are working your asses off, and I honestly can't wait for these two films to come out.

Impatiently yours;

Duggle Butt.

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  1. I could barely pay attention to the entry, thanks to the truly painfully adorable babbythulu you put at the top there. CURSE YOU, ADORABLE BABBYTHULU.