Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crawling City...of death.

Just dicking around. You know Neill, I love sci-fi shit. I truly do. The hard part is thinking how things would really work in the real world. You do that, and sci-fi starts to suck.

Imagine this, a giant fucking city that crawls ever so slowly across the landscape. Now, it's a ghost town. A few random squatters, but for the most part; dead. Like a giant metal and concrete crustacean, rotting on a barren landscape.

Now think what it would take to make a city like that to move. And why the shit would you want it too? I mean, really. You would need a city of technicians just to make the walking city move. At the same time, who the fuck cares. It's sci-fi!

The conundrum.

Not much to report. Busy as fuck. So you get quick sketches...because you aren't paying me.

Hope shit is good.


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