Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Neill...dude. You know the worst part of sketching/art creation? It's when something is working in the beginning, and you go, "OOOhhh, this is going to be rad!" But then, at the end, it all fucking falls apart. It's like building the Eiffel Tower, and with the last few bolts it collapses. That's sort of this guy here. he's just kind of dumb. Fuck it though, it's a sketch and there's some ok bits in there.

It's weird how I've been using that soft PS brush lately. I hated that brush for so long, but it's not such a bad brush. It's like a hobo that you keep chained in the basement. At first it's ugly and gross, but you hit it with the hose and pretty soon it's not so awful. Soon you have that hobo planting things in your garden, giving you foot rubs while you watch Jimmy Kimmel and helping you catch other hobo's, and you're like "hey, this is a pretty good hobo."

I've never done that...I don't even know if we still have hobo's.

At any rate...another sketch. The blog is back up and running.


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