Monday, January 28, 2013

Worky work

Neill. Sup dude? Crazy days here. Almost done with this thing. Almost. Not the picture, the game I've been working on. I took it home played it this last weekend. It's fucking awesome. It's really come together. This guy didn't make it into the game like this, but I always liked the image. So fuck it, I'm posting it. I'm the art director! Lookit mah' swagger!

Check out this vid of the game in action. It's pretty fun, right? Fuck yeah it is. It's even better to play. Of course, I'm biased, but our game feels unique. Base building, action, stealth, vehicles; fuck yeah.
I built a garden the other night. A muther fucking garden. With pumpkins! Why pumpkins? Becuase they're big, round and orange; and I'm the muther fucking art director!

Any way, this thing is fucking massive for an XBLA game. Fucking massive. It'll be on PC too, but still. Our team is under thirty people, and that's everyone. We have less people than most games have animators. Nuts, dude. Nuts.

Anyway, hope you like. If you ever want to talk vibeo bames, I'm your man.

OH! I played a fun and freaky game this weekend for the iPad called Slender Rising. Pretty slick for a small game, seriously freaky. Especially if you imagine that tall fucker Slender as Copley. Then it's even scarier! I'd be a better best friend, Neill, I'd be better!



  1. Still makin' fun of me gigantism?

    It's congenital, ya blerrie fook, ya.

  2. No, no, I'm not making fun of gigantism. You're as intimidating as shit in that Kruger image. More than I ever thought you could be. Just imaging your giant meaty paws crushing Matt Damon's tiny bald head; fucking scary, dude!

    Now imagine you have tentacles, like Slender; even scarier.

    So no worries man, as Neill's second bestest friend, you should be proud of your height and acting chops.

    You really were screwed over with the Academy Awards, you deserved to be nominated for Wikus.